Case Studies

Understanding how technology helps to achieve business outcomes can be a daunting task. By going through our real-life case studies, you will be able to relate more to the industry and make sense of how similar benefits can be translated to your business as well.

AWS case studies

AWS Managed Cloud Services Case Study of Docplexus banner image
AWS Managed Cloud Services Case Study of Docplexus- Rapyder

11 July 2022 About The Client Docplexus started in 2013 with the belief that a well-informed doctor is positioned to […]

AWS Managed Cloud Services Case Study of Design Cafe banner image
Design Cafe & Rapyder Collaborated to Streamline Application and Manage Infrastructure

8 August 2022 About The Client Design Case, founded in 2016, is currently a leading start-up firm offering its customers […]

AWS Cloud Security Case Study of IamHere Software Labs banner image
AWS Cloud Security Case Study of IamHere Software Labs

6 September 2022 About the client: IamHere is a location-first social network providing a hyperlocal community platform for social collaboration […]

Case study of Limechat Migrate Its Applications From AZURE to AWS Cloud banner image
Limechat Migrated Its Applications from AZURE to AWS

1 April 2022 Introduction: LimeChat is India’s first level-3 AI chatbot company. LimeChat’s focus on e-commerce internet-first brands increases online […]

AWS Cloud Migration Case Study- Biryani by Kilo's Attain High Performance banner image
Biryani by Kilo’s Achieved Incredible ROI & Customer Experience Migration To AWS Cloud

21 March 2022 About the client Gurugram-based food-tech start-up, Biryani by Kilo (BBK), launched in 2015, has today expanded its […]

Cloud Migration Case Study- Trilasoft Migrate to Infrastructure to AWS banner image
Trilasoft Migrate from AWS N. Virginia to European Region

15 March 2022 About Client: Trilasoft, Founded in 2007, Trilasoft works passionately to bring ideas to life and create applications […]

FinTech Cloud Case Study- NeoGrowth Strengthens Its Cloud Security banner image
Rapyder Managed Services helped NeoGrowth to Achieve Cost Savings Upto $4000

15 February 2022 Introduction NeoGrowth is a leading NBFC company that provides easy & quick business loans in India. NeoGrowth […]

AWS Cloud Migration case study- Medi Assist Migrate to AWS for Security banner image
Mediassist Migrated Their Production Workloads to AWS

5 October 2021 About The Client Medi Assist is India’s largest Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and the preferred Health and Wellness […]

Cloud Migration Case Study- Oxigen Migrate to AWS With Rapyder banner image
Rapyder Helps Oxigen Successfully Migrate to AWS Cloud

5 October 2021 About The Client Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd., powered by 14 years of service excellence in the […]

AWS Workspaces Case Study- BPO & Cloud Remote Working Environment banner image
BPO Secured Remote Working Environment Using Amazon Workspaces

17 August 2021 About The Client Our Customer is a pan-India enterprise providing best-in-class business processing solutions. They have personnel […]

cloud based e learning & its benefits
Increasing Customer Engagement For Businesses Using AWS Pinpoint

10 June 2021 About The Client Our customer is a big name in the health tech industry and is supported […]

FinTech Cloud Case Study- Rupeeredee Reduced Cost Through AWS Migration banner image
RupeeRedee Achieved 5X Capability by Migrating to AWS Cloud Services

12 April 2021 About The Client Since its inception in 2018, Gurugram-based fintech start-up RupeeRedee has provided instant small-ticket and […]