Rapyder Helps NBFC Company Migrate from Azure to AWS

Azure to AWS Cloud Migration Case Study| of NBFC banner image

30 September 2019

About The Company

Our client is an NBFC registered with RBI that started commercial operations in 2013. Traditional underwriting methods in India exclude more than 50% of creditworthy SMEs. With a mission to bring a social impact in this segment, they cater primarily to this underserved market by adopting an innovative approach to validate the business’s creditworthiness and identify and serve these credit-worthy merchants. They have launched commercial operations in multiple cities across India with plans for more growth.

The Challenge

The client was already running Windows-based web applications on Azure. The billing on Azure was very high, and the client was looking to optimize the same, including the option of moving to another platform. Success criteria were defined as a reduction of Cloud Bill by this migration compared to the current bill on Azure. They are also running business-critical web applications already on AWS and wanted to consolidate them on the AWS platform.

The Solution

We helped the client migrate their Windows-based applications from Azure to AWS, test them on AWS, and consolidate all their web applications on AWS. As part of the migration, the following activities were performed.

– Rapyder Cloud Solutions did a complete study of their current architecture and infrastructure on Azure and proposed the solution on AWS.
– Proof of Concept of the entire application movement onto AWS with the best architecture practices in place.
– Rapyder Cloud Solutions helped the customer implement the complete application and test the application end to end.
– Dry run of the application migrations.
– Worked with the customer to plan the migration on the required dates.
– Rapyder Cloud Solutions helped the customer in Final migration and go-live on AWS cloud.

The Benefits

  • The client was delighted with the smooth migration from Azure to AWS and the engagement. Rapyder Cloud Solutions has now signed up to provide managed services. Rapyder Cloud Solutions is helping them in optimizing their DB-related issues as well.

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