Case Studies

Rapyder Helped 9dot9 Media to Migrate Their Infra From Singapore to Mumbai Region

IONA Managed Services: ECS, ELK & Amplify helped the customer improve availability resilience

RupeeRedee Achieved 5X Capability by Migrating to AWS Cloud Services

Rapyder Helps an EdTech Firm Secure Their Infrastructure on AWS

Rapyder Helps NBFC Company Migrate from Azure to AWS

Rapyder Enables Implementation of Infrastructure on AWS

Rapyder Builds Infrastructure As Code Using Terraform

GlobalKart Enhances its Security & Scalability With AWS Infrastructure

Rapyder Re-Engineers AWS Infrastructure for MilEarth

Industrial Manufacturer Transforms Operations With AWS Cloud

Neogrowth’s ROI of 30% With a Fully Automated CI/CD Solution

Frrole Migrates From Azure to AWS With Rapyder Cloud Solutions

GeoSpatial App Reduces Its Data Processing Time & EC2 by 90% Migrates to AWS and Achieves 99% Uptime

Rapyder Migrates a Ride-Sharing Startup from GCP to AWS

Tix Technologies Migrates to AWS Cloud with Rapyder

A Multi-Format Retailer Strides to the Cloud with SAP HANA on AWS

AWS DevOps Automation Case Study of Visa & Travel Firm

Rapyder Migrates Hotel Hub, a Booking Platform to AWS

Extramarks Achieves 15% ROI by Leveraging AWS Auto Scaling

Rapyder Enables Quick, Reliable & Secure Migration of .Net Application to AWS

NBFC Comes Aboard on AWS With Rapyder

AWS Managed Cloud Service Case Study: Travel Firm Achieved Cost Saving

AWS DevOps Services Case Study – Implemented a CI/CD Pipeline on Tix

Visualization Company Optimizes Time and Cost using AWS Spot Fleet

AWS Disaster Recovery Helps NBFC Client Reduce Recovery Time & Costs

Squarepanda got Significant Reduction in Time-to-Market With AWS Cloud

Revolutionizing user experience with Gen-AI powered chatbot

Rapyder Empowers Stellaps with a Cutting-Edge Gen-AI Powered Multilingual Chatbot!

ECCMA Cuts Operational Costs by Migrating to AWS Cloud with Rapyder

BPO Firm Builds a Secure Remote Working Environment Using Amazon Workspaces


Squarepanda got Significant Reduction in Time-to-Market With AWS Cloud

Neogrowth Significant Increase in Performance & Cost Savings With AWS Migrates to AWS Cloud, Achieved Performance & Cost Reduction of 30%

Alluvium Cloud-Optimized IoT Data Pipeline- Digital Payments Ecosystem

BPO Secured Remote Working Environment Using Amazon Workspaces

Increasing Customer Engagement For Businesses Using AWS Pinpoint

Increasing Customer Engagement For Businesses Using AWS Pinpoint

Dizbi Achieved A Safe & Secure Environment By Migrating To AWS Cloud

Rapyder Helps Oxigen Successfully Migrate to AWS Cloud

Mediassist Migrated Their Production Workloads to AWS

Rapyder Managed Services helped NeoGrowth to Achieve Cost Savings Upto $4000

Trilasoft Migrate from AWS N. Virginia to European Region

Biryani by Kilo’s Achieved Incredible ROI & Customer Experience Migration To AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud Security Case Study of IamHere Software Labs

Design Cafe & Rapyder Collaborated to Streamline Application and Manage Infrastructure

AWS Managed Cloud Services Case Study of Docplexus- Rapyder

ECCMA Cuts Operational Costs by Migrating to AWS Cloud with Rapyder

Managed Services Vouchagram: ASG, Aurora Serverless & CDN Services

Litmus Achieved Quicker Data Refresh Rates With AWS QuickSight

Ciperpay & Rapyder Collaborated to Host Its Workloads Ensuring 99.99% Availability of Applications and Database

Rapyder supported in creating a fault resistant and scalable setup

Empowering IoT Innovation with Managed Services on AWS: A Success Story

Rapyder Empowers Knorish with Secure and Cost-Efficient Infrastructure

PayNearBy Built Highly Secure & Reliable Solution to Keep Data Safe

Fibre 2 Fashion Achieved 100% Uptime For Its Applications with Rapyder Managed Services

Limechat Migrated Its Applications from AZURE to AWS

Mindgate & Rapyder collaborated to Ensure 99.99% Application Availability

Human Contact and Mistakes were reduced with Sagemaker & MLOps

NMIMS Cuts Costs by 28%, Up in Performance By Migrate from Azure To AWS