GlobalKart Enhances its Security & Scalability With AWS Infrastructure

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12 September 2019

About The Client

The idea of GlobalKart was conceptualized in November 2018 with the vision to revolutionize the online commerce experience that catered to Solution Centric Products. They aim to come up with innovative products from all around the globe which can give solutions to everyday problems, whether it is your concern for personal data security or you are fed up with noise around, or you need to monitor your child’s health, or even you tend to misplaced things often. Globalkart believes in manifesting solutions with innovative products that can make a difference in our everyday lives.

The Challenge

The Customer was running their e-commerce application on AWS and was looking to migrate it from a single server to a well-architected scalable framework on AWS. They used the same server for application and DB in a single AZ.

The Solution

Consultants at Rapyder had multiple discussions with the Customer to understand their requirements for the migration and their existing software release processes. Our Cloud engineers proposed an optimal solution stitched around AWS Cloud. The following solutions were proposed and implemented:

  • Security-wise, none of the Instances were made accessible directly & only LB was exposed to the public for accepting application traffic.
  • Web layer running on two instances for High availability through Auto-scaling under a Load balancer.
  • MySQL DB moved to RDS with MultiAZ for high availability.
  • AWS ElastiCache is configured to improve caching data accessibility.
  • CloudFront association was created to serve static content.
  • Infra Monitoring using AWS CloudWatch configured.
  • AWS WAF was implemented to protect web applications from web exploits.
  • Periodic Automatic Snapshots and AMI backups were implemented.

The Benefits

  • Highly available and Scalable architecture has been provisioned at all layers.
  • Automation has been implemented to automate the deployment into autoscaling groups using a program with zero downtime.

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About Rapyder

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