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Personalize. Engage. Convert. Introducing Pinpoint, the Marketing Communications Service built for one-to-one customer experiences.

Pinpoint: The Digital
Edge for Smarter
Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect seamless, personalized experiences across digital channels, delivered with relevance and timeliness. AWS Pinpoint, empowers businesses to engage with customers across various messaging channels. With AWS Pinpoint service, you can send personalized push notifications, in-app messages, emails, text messages, and voice messages. It offers segmentation, campaign management, and journey features, ensuring the right message reaches the right customer at the right time.

Rapyder, in collaboration with AWS, has developed an integrated solution that streamlines personalized communication and campaign management. Capitalizing on Amazon Pinpoint, businesses can efficiently engage customers across channels. Amazon Pinpoint consultants guide organizations in implementing this cost-effective solution, ensuring tailored interactions and improved customer experiences.

AWS Pinpoint service can simplify communication with personalized push notifications. It enhances customer acquisition and retention through targeted marketing. The analytics-driven approach of Amazon Pinpoint solution, optimizes campaign efficiency, making it a powerful solution for businesses seeking effective multichannel engagement.

Business Benefits You
Can't Ignore

Business Benefits You Can't Ignore


This solution requires minimal
application adjustments, ensuring a
swift Go-to-Market process.

communication tracking

Utilize an automated event
database solution to analyze
every communication sent.

Bounce rate monitoring
and alerts

Regulate bounce rates by
allowing emails to bounce
once before blacklisting.

Short URL

Pinpoint facilitates short URL
tracking, enabling the visualization
of transactional message metrics
through charts and analytics.

AWS QuickSight
Dashboard visualization

Organizations can leverage
Amazon QuickSight to craft
custom Pinpoint dashboards for
enhanced analytics visualization.

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Discover how businesses across various industries effectively communicate
with customers using Rapyder Amazon Pinpoint solution.

Discover how businesses across various industries effectively communicate with customers using Rapyder Amazon Pinpoint solution.

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