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Experience and knowledge – The two words that define our Leadership Team

Rapyder’s leadership team is comprised of dedicated, passionate and experienced professionals who have established themselves in the industry. With over 9 years average professional experience and an average of 40 completed projects per consultant, we have built a strong team to ensure you’ll always be in safe hands.

Amit Gupta, Rapyder CEO

Co Founder & CEO

Amit Gupta
Athreya Ramadas- Rapyder Co Founder & CTO

Co Founder & CTO

Athreya Ramadas
Ajay Kumar KVSSN- Rapyder COO


Ajay Kumar KVSSN
Punit Joshi- Rapyder CMO


Punit Joshi
Ashish Koul- National sales head at Rapyder

National Sales Head – AWS

Ashish Koul
Deepak Damodaran- Azure practices head at Rapyder

Head – AZURE Practice

Deepak Damodaran
Sandeep Shrikant Shahapurkar- Enterprise sales head at Rapyder

Head – Enterprise Sales

Sandeep Shrikant Shahapurkar
Vishwas Gupta- Startup sales head at Rapyder

Head – Startup Sales

Vishwas Gupta
Anand Vimal- SMB sales head at Rapyder

Head – SMB Sales

Anand Vimal
Roshan Kiran Pinto- Alliances head at Rapyder

Head – Alliances

Roshan Kiran Pinto
Lalit Kurra-  Partnerships head at Rapyder

Head – Partnerships

Lalit Kurra
Chetan Malhotra- Solutions architects head at Rapyder

Head – Solution Architects

Chetan Malhotra
Shajee Pulukool- Data Analytics head at Rapyder

Head – Data Analytics

Shajee Pulukkool

Atin Mittal- Cloud center of excellence head at Rapyder

Head – Cloud Center of Excellence

Atin Mittal
Rahul Kundu- Projects & MS head at Rapyder

Head – Projects & MS

Rahul Kundu
Sankar Jagannathan- PMO head at Rapyder

Head – PMO

Sankar Jagannathan
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