Increasing Customer Engagement For Businesses Using AWS Pinpoint

Increasing Customer Engagement For Businesses Using AWS Pinpoint

10 June 2021

About The Client

Our customer is a big name in health tech industry and is supported by Ratan Tata, Gokul Rajaram and Vispi Daver. It has hold great reputation in the world of providing online health consultation and having health experts from around the world.

Problem Statement

Customer was getting the leads from Facebook campaigns and storing the details in their CRM. They wanted to interact with their users once the leads comes in and then send appropriate messages to them based on their behaviours and product they want to buy. .


  1. Touchless system to target and communicate with the end user.
  2. Interactions to the customers happening based on the activities/behaviour of the customer.
  3. Appropriate communication reaching the customer which is more likely to generate revenue to the company.

The Solution

Rapyder helped them with the following solutions:

  • Customer Journey setup on Pinpoint with various conditions and decision making parameters.
  • Dynamic Segments created which will be based on whether customer has bought any product or not.
  • Once lead comes in from Facebook, the CRM captures it.
  • CRM calls the API developed by Rapyder to Push the new lead event in Pinpoint and trigger the Journey for the user.
  • The details of the products bought or other user activity to be stored in CRM.
  • Based on the activity, user is segregated into different segments and accordingly will be sent emails and communications.
  • The CRM calls the second API developed by Rapyder, which has the events on user behaviour and based on that, the user will be part of appropriate segment.
  • Email/SMS will be sent to the users, based on whether user’s email id is given or phone number is given.
  • Each event from Pinpoint is captured and analyzed using Athena to know about the users targeted each day and if they are buying products mentioned in the communication.

About Rapyder

Rapyder is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with competencies in DevOps and Well-Architected Review that offers end-to-end cloud solutions across industry verticals. We are a cloud partner that is agile, precise, innovative and quick with solutions providing 24*7 support and monitoring for our services. Our organization has 100% AWS certified cloud engineers who work seamlessly to make cloud a business benefit for you.

Being ISO/IEC 27001-2013 certified, Rapyder has successfully earned hundreds of satisfied customers. We have few thousands of VMs launched and migrated, hundreds of cloud deployments and a significant number of managed services clients. We currently process thousands of customer requests on a monthly basis. Over the years Rapyder has achieved new competencies in its journey to become a premium cloud service provider.

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