IONA Managed Services: ECS, ELK & Amplify implementation helped the customer improve availability and resilience

21 October 2022

About The Client

IONA Application is designed for employee onboarding, a simple portal to manage, track and monitor onboarding in one place with speed & scale. It is a portal with AI-powered dashboards which provide actionable information. Its access is controlled for internal and external hiring teams: complete candidate management and offer letter customizations.


Managed Cloud Services

Customer Business Needs:

The customer was looking for a Managed Services Partner to help manage their AWS Infrastructure by mitigating risk & Security issues, Automation of Pipelines, Managing Containers (ECS), centralized logging with ELK setup, and streamlining front-end application issues in their production environment.


  • The deployment model was changed to Blue-Green Deployment to meet with high availability and integrity and rollback options
  • Amplify was implemented to streamline the frontend Application
  • A centralized Logging system (ELK) was implemented for logs across all resources from application Containers, AWS resources
  • ECS Services Launch number of containers across the cloud using your preferred continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and automation tools.
  • AWS CodePipeline is leveraged for Deployments
  • ACM Services were implemented for securing websites.
  • All the URLs are consistently monitored by the Rapyder monitoring team. The URLs are monitored using the Status Cake tool, which provides uptime and downtime periodically.
  • AWS CloudWatch is used to continuously monitor the performance and utilization metrics of all servers
  • AWS SNS handles all their alert management and is integrated with CloudWatch to send out mails on different event trigger
  • AWS Natives services such as Security hub, AWS Guard Duty, and Inspector was implemented. The team further helped to implement CIS Benchmark
  • Anomaly detection was enabled as part of Monitoring.

Reaping Rewards:

  • Application Availability, Faster Deployment, and rollback were achieved using blue-green Deployment.
  • Iona successfully mitigated risks and conducted a security audit of their environments and achieved CIS Benchmark
  • Centralised Logging and dashboard helped the customer to achieve Governance for their AWS Infrastructure & Application.

AWS Services Used:

Amplify, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, ECR, ECS, ElastiCAche, Glue, GuardDuty, Inspector, Lambda, SES, SNS, S3, WAF.

Next logical move:

  • Well-Architected Review (WAR) to cover all core pillars of AWS. This would be a major milestone in terms of reliability, cost reduction, security enhancement operation, performance efficiency, and business sustainability.
  • Architecting to move to EKS for better orchestration.