RupeeRedee Achieved 5X Capability by Migrating to AWS Cloud Services

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12 April 2021

About The Client

Since its inception in 2018, Gurugram-based fintech start-up RupeeRedee has provided instant small-ticket and flexible digital personal loans to the underserved population. It leverages state-of-the-art technology and data sciences to make lending safe and fast. The start-up’s customers include first-time borrowers who could not secure loans elsewhere, salaried, and self-employed. RupeeRedee has been expanding its operations rapidly and today its services in over 35 cities from just ten cities in 2018. Its services are available 24X7, thus beneficial during emergencies, which could be personal and business-related.

The Business Need

With the expansion of operations, the number of web and mobile applications increased, and the expected increase in demand and new opportunities required a much more robust technology infrastructure. Additionally, the intricate architecture, with the mixed-use of open-source and enterprise technologies, required a large-scale and robust cloud service that was scalable and secure! The existing service provider had the following challenges: performance issues, downtime issues, best practices being compromised, unable to address the need for redundancy, auto-scaling, and disaster recovery. Being prone to risks was inevitable as they were running on a public server. Moreover, there was a lack of monitoring and other support challenges from Rackspace too!

RupeeRedee wanted to migrate its system to AWS for better availability and reliability. Earlier, they were leveraging Vyatta Gateway, where the firewall and VPN were being used by Rackspace, which had to be mapped and replicated from scratch upon migration as AWS did not support Vyatta. They were also looking at external security elements available with AWS to be included to improve overall security.

The organization was looking for a partner with AWS expertise to help develop its complete infrastructure, including 40+ cloud servers to AWS cloud. They were also looking at external security elements to be included to improve overall security.

Rapyder Cloud Solutions, an Advanced AWS Consulting partner with expertise and experience in successful cloud migration services, was chosen by the client to help migrate to AWS Cloud.

The Solution

Rapyder’s team of Cloud Architects had several online assessments (due to social distancing and lockdown) and discovery sessions with the client’s infrastructure and DevOps teams to understand the latter’s requirement for migration to AWS Cloud. The team then conceptualized and created a robust and customized solution around AWS services for the migration. The following proposed solution was implemented by Rapyder for a successful migration to AWS while ensuring that the best practices and business continuity principles are also applied.

  • Amazon EC2 was leveraged as it provided resizable compute capacity in the AWS cloud. By offering IaaS, it also provided complete control of computing resources, which could be scaled as per requirement.
  • AWS IAM was used to manage access to AWS services and resources securely.
  • Microsoft SQL Servers, their primary database management system, which they were running, was migrated in negligible downtime.
  • Amazon Aurora, which Amazon RDS fully manages, was leveraged. This provides security, reliability, and high availability. Amazon RDS automates time-consuming administrative tasks too.
  • Security was a critical factor being a fintech solution platform. AWS WAF was used to help protect web applications or APIs against attacks that could impact availability and security while consuming excessive resources.
  • Amazon CloudWatch was used to monitor the applications and alerts in case of any changes in resource utilization or unhealthy servers, wherein timely action could be taken.

The Benefits

This migration to AWS cloud has brought several benefits to RupeeRedee platform.

  • There was a significant improvement in handling a higher number of customer traffic, 500% more!
  • Scalability was established for any future requirements.
  • A significant reduction in costs was observed despite higher volumes of traffic. Savings of up to 30 percent with a few more optimizations is expected with the migration.
  • The new program’s free AWS credits were an additional bonus.
  • The response time on the website and the app is much faster, with fewer downtimes.
  • There has been an overall improvement in user experience too.
  • All earlier manual interventions, such as regular backups, fault tolerance, and mirroring, have been automated with this transition.
About Rapyder

Rapyder is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with competencies in DevOps and Well-Architected Review that offers end-to-end cloud solutions across industry verticals. We are a cloud partner that is agile, precise, innovative, and quick with solutions providing 24*7 support and monitoring for our services. Our organization has 100% AWS-certified cloud engineers who work seamlessly to make cloud a business benefit for you.

Being certified in ISO/IEC 27001-2013, Rapyder has successfully earned hundreds of satisfied customers. We have a few thousand VMs launched and migrated hundreds of cloud deployments, and many managed services clients. We currently process thousands of customer requests monthly.

Over the years, Rapyder has achieved new competencies in its journey to becoming a premium cloud service provider.

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