Rapyder Managed Services helped NeoGrowth to Achieve Cost Savings Upto $4000

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15 February 2022


NeoGrowth is a leading NBFC company that provides easy & quick business loans in India. NeoGrowth is a technology-enabled lending business that provides unsecured loans to small retailers in all major Indian Cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune, and Ahmedabad) repaid by future card receivables, e-commerce sales, and other non-cash payments.

More than half of the loans made by NeoGrowth are less than INR 1 Mn each, and more than 80% of loans have been given to Proprietorship and Partnership firms. NeoGrowth combines new payment datasets, traditional scoring, dynamic repayment & automated collections to identify and serve these credit-worthy merchants.


Non-Banking Financial


Managed Services

Business Need:

This fintech case study shows the efforts of internal application team carried out AWS Infrastructure management called managed services. There was a rigorous increase in the overall cost while migrating from On-Premises to AWS. They were looking for Managed Services partner to help to stabilize the environment, optimize cost and help them to achieve DR Compliance.


  • Implemented a robust approach for deployments, rollbacks, and database replication for all the applications.
  • Implemented Cost Optimization best practices such as Compute Saving Plans, RI, EBS Modernization, Elasticity of Server & Resizing Infrastructure.
  • Cloud Endure account is used for continuous data replication and disaster recovery to avoid data loss.

Reaping Rewards:

  • Patch Management helped NeoGrowth significantly improve the performance of the applications.
  • Cost Optimization helped NeoGrowth in cost savings of up to $4000.
  • Disaster Recovery will be performed every year, which helped NeoGrowth to maintain backups for any future data loss.

AWS Services:

RDS, S3, Site-to-Site VPN, Route53, Lambda, Guard Duty, CloudWatch, IAM, Security Groups, WAF, ECS, Redshift, Key Management Service, FSx, ElastiCache, Secret Manager, SNS, Kinesis Fire Hose, Code Pipeline, CloudFront, Cloud Map, AWS Backup, API Gateway, Amplify.

Next logical move:

Rapyder team will perform a Well Architecture Review to re-structure and maintain the account’s overall health.