NBFC Comes Aboard AWS With Rapdyer

AWS Fintech Case Study : NBFC Leverages AWS for Reliable, Scalable and Secure Cloud Solutions

29 August 2019

About The Client

LoanTap is a Fintech company by DNA and its constituents. Its co-founders have specialized in retail loans and technology domains separately for 17-18 years, before joining hands to create an all new customer experience. LoanTap helps its customers to choose custom made loan products from an array of offerings by its NBFC & Banking partners that have been custom made on their platform.

The Challenge

LoanTap was planning to migrate its Web Application currently running on external DC Network and host their current Web Application to AWS Cloud for future scalability and high-availability. They were looking for a partner with AWS expertise to help them migrate efficiently with minimal of downtime during this process engaged Rapyder for the same.

The Solution

Cloud consultants at Rapyder engaged the Customer in extended discussions to understand their current architecture so that an appropriate solution could be designed. The Customer was in an expansion phase and wanted the ability to scale up as necessary as well as ensure high availability to their own clients. Our engineers designed the right solution and configuration that could support the seamless functioning of the application to overcome the challenges mentioned above. The following solution was proposed and then implemented to achieve the desired results:

  • Web Servers were implemented in Public with ability to AutoScale as requested.
  • For security, the DB servers were provisioned in Private Subnets.
  • Native DB Backups were scheduled to be uploaded to S3 for long term Storage.
  • Web Servers codes backed up to S3 for long term Storage.
  • VPC Endpoints were utilized to Use S3 from Servers.
  • Database was migrated with minimal downtime.
  • Appropriate periodic backup were automated for AMI and Snapshot of the servers.

The Benefits

  • The DB were now secured with no access to the servers from Public
  • S3 buckets were used to store Backups of DB and Web Application code
  • VPC endpoints were utilized to connect to S3 without Internet on the Server
  • The solution was more secure to prevent unauthorized access

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