Litmus Achieved Quicker Data Refresh Rates With AWS QuickSight  

Litmus Achieved Quicker Data Refresh Rates With AWS QuickSight  

About the Client:

Since 2015, Litmus World has been trying to develop India’s top experience management platform. The Litmus World Accelerate platform delivers actionable insights in real-time across the stakeholder journey. To improve their business operations, 165+ significant brands have developed extensive CX, NPS, EX, and eNPS programs during the past five years.


Media & Entertainment


Data Analytics Visualization

AWS Services:

AWS QuickSight, Amazon S3

Business Need:

The customer of Rapyder migrated from GCP to AWS Cloud, requiring the need for Visualization, which was hosted in AWS QuickSight. They needed to use AWS QuickSight to replicate their existing GCP Visualization.

The customer understood the QuickSight capabilities and was aligned to move to production. During the production phase by query capabilities and Visualisation dashboards were constituted.

A separate dashboard for each customer based on NPS scores to provide insights into customer loyalty by measuring customers’ willingness to recommend a business to a friend or acquaintance.


  • Five “Authors” and ten “Readers” were considered for Amazon QuickSight.
  • Successfully replicated their GCP visualizations into Amazon QuickSight.
  • S3 was directly coupled with QuickSight for a few dashboards where the data refresh rate was 1 hour.

Reaping Rewards:  

  • Amazon QuickSight capabilities made it simple for customers to interact with their data and met their need for deriving actionable insights from unstructured data.
  • Their BI time was saved and their efficiency increased, thanks to dashboards.
  • Increasing end users’ productivity by concentrating on KPIs and identifying trends in data.
  • Achieved NPS by tracking metrics like the number of Promoters, Passive, and Detractors on a daily and monthly basis to assist in streamlining their internal business operations.