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Rapyder Migrates Hotel Hub to AWS

Rapyder Migrates Hotel Hub to AWS

About The Client

HotelHub LLP is a business solutions company that focuses on the business travel market. They have products which caters to high technology booking solutions enabling customers (Travel Management Companies) to offer better service delivery to business travellers. Their products and services help travel management companies improve their hotel product offering to their corporate customers without the risks associated with developing complex technology solutions in-house.

The Business Need

Customer was running their B2B travel management solution on one of the local data centres. The data centre infrastructure was up for renewal and the customer wanted more flexibility in managing their infrastructure and was exploring AWS. The management of HotelHub was also looking for a platform on which they could innovate their business solutions at a faster rate.

The Solution

Our AWS certified Solutions Architects conducted multiple rounds of discussions with HotelHub and came up with a proposal that would best fulfil the Customer’s requirements. Best practices and business continuity principles were applied to the solution and following considerations / Architecture Approach taken:

  • AWS Ireland was chosen as the region for hosting, keeping in mind their customer base.
  • All the servers were created in private subnets in different AZs which were behind the load balancer.
  • Web Servers would connect to API servers via Network Load Balancer which was also provisioned be in private subnet.
  • Both Web and API layers were in high availability with multiple servers running behind the load balancer.
  • Keeping in mind of predictive nature of traffic on the application, static servers were used at both App and UI layers.
  • MySQL was setup on EC2 instances across AZs for High Availability.
  • Custom automation was written for auto-failover of MySQL instances.
  • Additionally, MS SQL standard was run on EC2 in mirroring mode across AZ for high availability.
  • Failover of the DB was also automated and tested by leveraging Route53 private hosted zone with Lambda, which were configured to update the DNS in case of failover.
  • Microsoft Active Directory was hosted in two AZs for high availability and synced with on-premises AD.
  • Site to site VPN connection with on-premises to send the logs to Splunk for log analysis.
  • Native backups were setup on the database setups and configured to go to AWS S3.

AWS Services

EC2, Lambda, CloudWatch, Guard Duty, AWS Config, S3

Third Party Services

SQL Server, Ncache, Symantec Antivirus, Splunk

The Benefits

  • Today, the migrated workloads are running successfully on AWS without any downtimes.
  • After the successful implementation of the solution, the client has achieved 99% application availability on Cloud.
  • Applications response time has improved.

About Rapyder

Rapyder Cloud Solutions is agile, innovative company that makes Cloud work for you. With a young, passionate team and expertise in Cloud Computing Solutions, Big Data, Marketing & Commerce, DevOps and Managed Services, Rapyder is the leading provider of Strategic Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, DevOps Automation, Managed Services, and Security Consulting. With headquarters in Bangalore and sales & Support office in Delhi, India, we have the global assimilation of the cloud industry and ensure optimal technology solutions to reduce costs, streamline business processes and gain business advantages for their clients. For any queries, call Rapyder Cloud Consultants on +91 73386 86644 today! To know more about the company, please visit https://www.rapyder.com

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