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Expert Cloud Consulting Services

“When you’re lost in the cloud, our consulting services are your roadmap to success.” 

Cloud consulting migration for Organizations

In the digital age, cloud consulting is the compass that steers enterprises toward competitive advantage. Rapyder’s Cloud Consulting services reduce IT resources and costs while amplifying productivity and time-to-market. 

In partnership with AWS and Azure, we maximize the value of your cloud investments by lowering expenses, streamlining delivery, ensuring optimal performance, and enhancing security and reliability. 

With Rapyder’s cloud consulting services, unlock the full potential of the cloud through tailored strategies and plans designed to meet your specific business needs, drive transformation, and reap the rewards. Our comprehensive services encompass cloud transformation strategy consulting, cloud architecture design, end-to-end cloud transformation guidance, and infrastructure configuration and code reviews. 

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Cloud consulting solutions for enterprise customers

Predominant challenges encountered by enterprises operating without cloud solutions. 

  • Hindered Progress: On-premise IT resources often prove more costly, hindering organizational growth. Embracing the cloud offers a cost-effective solution to unleash business potential. 
  • Lack of Agility: Without cloud adoption, your company’s agility is constrained, limiting its ability to respond promptly and effectively to evolving demands and opportunities. 
  • Challenges in Enabling Remote Work: Being tied to on-site IT systems prevents remote work, disrupting work/life balance, diminishing productivity, and hampering talent acquisition in a fiercely competitive job market. 
  • Convenience: Managing scheduled maintenance and upgrades for on-premises and legacy systems can pose significant challenges and expenses. 
  • Infrastructure Scaling: Achieving auto-scaling flexibility can prove daunting in on-premises setups, particularly during traffic surges, posing a formidable challenge for numerous legacy systems. 

Predominant challenges encountered by enterprises while migrating to cloud 

  • Data Migration: Moving large volumes of data from on-premise to the cloud while minimizing downtime and data loss is challenging.  
  • Application Compatibility: During the migration process, ensuring that existing applications work seamlessly in the cloud environment might require a lot of adjustments or redevelopment. 
  • Security Concerns: Migrating to the public cloud presents a formidable challenge: ensuring the protection of data and maintaining compliance with industry regulations. 
  • Building a Disaster Recovery and Backup System: It’s very challenging to develop a well-structured backup regimen, define standard operating procedures for disaster recovery, ensure timely data swaps, and implement automated alert mechanisms. 

Predominant challenges encountered by enterprises after migrating to cloud 

  1. Data Security and Compliance Risks: Data safety and compliance remain primary security concerns after migrating to the public cloud, stemming from potential breaches and inadequate access controls over sensitive enterprise data. 
  2. Ambiguity Surrounding Cloud Migration Costs: While cloud migration leads to long-term cost savings, challenges emerge when assessing initial investments, including expenses linked to unused data center capacity.
  3. Skills Gap: A shortage of expertise and knowledge required to effectively manage and utilize cloud resources is a prime challenge enterprises face after transitioning to the public cloud. 
  4. Integration complexities: Integrating on-premises systems with cloud services can be complex due to technology differences, data consistency, security, scalability, and ongoing maintenance requirements. Expertise and strategic planning are crucial. 
  5. Compliance Challenges: Many industries have specific compliance requirements for data stored in the cloud. Organizations must understand these regulations and ensure compliance, which can be difficult without the right expertise. 

Why Rapyder as your cloud consulting partner?

 (Elevate Your Business with Customized Cloud Consulting by Rapyder) 

Whether you’re a cloud novice or an experienced user, Rapyder has years of experience and offers trusted expertise to elevate your cloud journey. Our world-class cloud consulting empowers your enterprise to scale, grow, and innovate using tailored solutions. 

We provide Strategic Cloud Consulting 

Rapyder’s cloud experts craft a business-aligned cloud strategy, assessing your existing IT infrastructure and devising a personalized roadmap for swift cloud integration. We go beyond mere consulting; we’re your dedicated partner in digital transformation. Our certified cloud consultants, proven methodologies, and unwavering commitment ensure tailored solutions that precisely meet your business requirements. 

Rapyder cloud consulting capabilities: 

  • Single or Multi-Cloud Strategy Consulting 
  • Managed Cloud Services 
  • Developing, Customizing & Migration Applications 
  • Cloud Architecture Design & Development 
  • Digital Transformation, App & Data Modernization 

Costs associated with cloud

Managing a robust IT infrastructure involves several key components that contribute to overall costs. Initially, there are associated infrastructure costs, which encompass expenses related to hardware, networking equipment, and data storage solutions.

Additionally, licensing costs are significant, encompassing expenses related to software licenses and subscriptions. Moreover, resource costs, including salaries for IT personnel, training programs, and outsourcing fees for specialized tasks, form a significant part of the budget.

Balancing these costs is key to managing a cost-effective and high-performing IT infrastructure.

Time frame of implementation

The time frame for the implementation of services varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Typically, it involves several key phases, including planning, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.  

Below are the details of the estimated timeframe for few services:  

Service Timeframe 
POC 1 Week  
SOW 2 Days 
NDA  2 Days 
Initial reviews 1 Day  
Planning phase  1 Day 
Migration  3-6 Weeks 
Testing and handover managed services 2 Days 

How Rapyder helps with its full stack cloud services  

Rapyder is a well-known AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Migration Success Partner. Its headquarters is in Bengaluru, and its sales and support offices are in Delhi and Mumbai. Rapyder is an agile, precise, and innovative company with cloud consulting at its service portfolio’s core. 

With over six years of unwavering expertise in delivering cloud-native solutions, Rapyder has established itself as a trusted and reliable cloud partner. It profoundly understands various cloud platforms and offers invaluable advisory services that can elevate your business through cloud solutions. 

Rapyder’s impressive competencies, including DevOps and Well-Architected Review, reflect its commitment to excellence. The firm believes in providing round-the-clock customer support and monitoring services, ensuring your cloud environment remains secure and efficient. 

Additional benefits from Rapyder 

Rapyder is your trusted partner for a seamless and cost-effective cloud journey. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to empower businesses to optimize their cloud operations. 

Our team of cloud experts offers a valuable Free Cost Assessment service. Through a detailed analysis of your organization’s infrastructure, we provide tailored recommendations on the ideal cloud type, provider, and resource provisioning. This ensures alignment with your budget and accommodates your business growth seamlessly. 

At Rapyder, Cloud Consultation is our forte, and we extend this expertise throughFree Cloud Consultation services. We excel in helping businesses streamline their IT resources, reduce costs, and uphold uncompromising reliability, security, and performance standards. 

We introduce the “Know Your Architecture” program as part of our offerings. This initiative lets your business assess your cloud setup and articulate your IT objectives. The outcome is a clear and well-defined migration strategy that paves the way for a smooth transition. 

Rapyder provides a remarkable opportunity with Free Cloud Credits for those embarking on their public cloud journey, which is particularly advantageous for start-ups. We specialize in assisting organizations in reducing and optimizing cloud services, ensuring you achieve the utmost efficiency in your public cloud environment. 

If you want to embrace the cloud, you can enroll in the following Rapyder programs for benefits worth above USD 1 million. These benefits include: 

  • Mentorship programs from business and technical experts 
  • Free promotional credits up to $ 5,000 
  • 25% discounts on regular service fees 
  • Two months of free support 
  • Up to 25% off on implementation charges 
  • Availability of Cloud audit services 
  • Migration acceleration programs and many more.

Realization after cloud consultation  

There are many advantages to hiring Rapyder as your cloud consultant, that includes:  

  1. Receive On-demand Expertise: With access to cloud consulting firms such as Rapyder, you can utilize the talents and availability of a virtual team or consultant to supplement your internal knowledge. 
  2. Stay Informed on Cloud OEM Advancements: Our certified cloud consultants keep you informed about the latest AWS and Azure developments. 
  3. Data Storage and Analysis: Your data is a precious asset. Our skilled consultants inform you about ensure regular backups and optimal storage solutions. 
  4. Provide relevant instructions: Guidelines for cloud infrastructure operation in compliance with policies and procedures sharing cloud-specific knowledge to DevOps teams, administrators, and support personnel. 
  5. Cloud migration strategy: Provide a customized cloud migration strategy based on the priorities and requirements of your organization.  

Different types of cloud consultation

We provide diverse cloud computing consulting services and solutions tailored to your business needs, each varying among service providers. Our offered consulting services encompass the following types: 

  1. Public cloud consulting services 
  2. Private cloud consulting services  
  3. Hybrid cloud consulting services  

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Supplementary services we offer 

Rapyder helps you facilitate all modern facilities, including extended cloud security services such as: 

  • App Modernization 
  • Database Modernization 
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) 
  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • IoT 

Industries we support  

We specialize in providing multiple industries with customized cloud solutions, enabling them to a vertical-specific digital transformation. 

Industries we have serve: 

  • Aerospace 
  • Agriculture 
  • Automotive 
  • Banking 
  • Computers & Electronics 
  • Consumer Goods 
  • E-Commerce 
  • EdTech 
  • Energy & Utilities 
  • FinTech 
  • GameTech 
  • Government 
  • Healthcare 
  • Hospitality 
  • Life Sciences 
  • Manufacturing 
  • MSME 
  • Non-Profit Organization 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Power & Utilities 
  • Professional Services 
  • Real Estate & Construction 
  • Retail 
  • Software & Internet 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Transportation & Logistics 
  • Travel 
  • Marketing & Advertising 
  • Media & Entertainment 
  • Mining 
  • Wholesale & Distribution, and 
  • Other. 

24*7 customer support

At Rapyder, our commitment to exceptional service extends to providing round-the-clock, dedicated customer support. With our 24/7 support, you can trust that we’ll be there to swiftly address any issues, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience, no matter the circumstances. 

Exiting cloud

Exiting cloud services refers to the process of discontinuing or decommissioning cloud-based resources, applications, or services that an organization has been utilizing. It should be a well-planned and organized process to avoid data loss, security breaches, or unexpected financial implications. 

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