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AWS DevOps Automation Case Study of Visa & Travel Firm

Case Study - Modernizing Software Development and Cloud Infrastructure with DevOps

About Company

The client is a visa concierge brand providing simple, timely and cost-effective online visa assistance service to its customers. To make the international travel plan of its customers smooth and seamless, the client operates a website that educates people about the important visa requirements of all the countries across the globe and also helps them throughout the entire visa application process.

The Challenge

The increasing popularity of the client’s online visa assistance service expanded its customer base at an astonishing rate. But the client was unable to respond and scale in pace with the growing demand for its services. The client had three departments (Development, Quality Assurance, and Production) working separately to manage its website and this was not only delaying the software releases but also affecting the ability of the client to deliver its services at high velocity.

The client approached Rapyder to modernize its traditional software development and infrastructure process so that it can accelerate its software release frequency to upgrade its website faster than its competitors and deliver its visa assistance services in a more agile manner to better serve its growing customer base.

The Solution

  • To modernize the client’s traditional software development process, Rapyder advised its client to introduce Enterprise DevOps in the organization.
  •  To modernize the client’s existing IT infrastructure, Rapyder advised its client to implement DevOps Automation along with Enterprise DevOps.
  •  Rapyder also offered its Cloud DevOps as service to help the client test the developed code, deploy the test infrastructure, run the end-to-end test, and then use the codes faster with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The Benefits

  • The client was able to release new software updates, features and fixes at high velocity. The testing and deployment time reduced by 90%. This helped the client not only to better serve its growing customer base but also remain competitive in the market.
  • The efficiency and productivity of the client’s Development, Quality Assurance, and Operations teams increased to a great extent. Now they have more time to focus on improving the features and quality of the services of their company.
  • The modernization of IT Infrastructure and ‘Pay As You Go’ Model of Rapyder DevOps as a Service helped the client save a lot of money. Now the client can spend more to improve its visa services and increase its customers reach.

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