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AWS Cloud Migration

Why Move to the Cloud ?

As the demand for agility and flexibility grows, companies are shifting their traditional in-house IT systems and applications to the cloud to leverage the multiple benefits of the technology in terms of efficiency and profitability. Whether be it public, private, hybrid or a mix of various models, the use of cloud computing has expanded into almost every organization and new applications continue to evolve.
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Why AWS for Cloud ?

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can provision compute power, storage, and other resources, gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services as your business demands them. At Rapyder, we help you build a cloud migration strategy for moving your IT systems and applications to the AWS Cloud, with minimal cost and effort so that you can reduce your capital expenses, minimize support and administrative costs, and retain the performance, security, and reliability requirements your business demands.

Moving to AWS made easy by Rapyder Cloud Solutions

Our AWS Cloud Migration process includes a phase-driven step-by-step strategy to migrate your IT systems and application to the AWS Cloud.

Phase 1: Cloud Migration Assessment: Taking the first step

The Cloud Migration Assessment (Migration Readiness Assessment) is the most preliminary step of the Cloud migration journey. This assessment provides a sense of understanding for enterprises as to what they migrate to public Cloud and how far they have moved in their Cloud journey. It helps them know the current strengths and weaknesses of the existing infrastructure and future course of action.

The cloud migration process evaluates an organization’s entire technical environment, making it easier to plan, prepare and execute Cloud migration efficiently following the best industry practices. Such as assessment will help enterprises take the pressure off of their team as it helps them focus on critical areas that need to be addressed before carrying out migration journey.

Our Rapyder cloud migration team works closely with customers and cross-functional team leaders to align their migration priorities and critical requirements. Our experts will set up application requirements, dependencies, and current pain points and help enterprises maximize their benefits of Cloud usage.

What does Migration Readiness Assessment monitor?

MRA provides many crucial insights about the migration process, but three most important among them are:

Financial analysis: MRA provides a high-level financial analysis to define the value of the Cloud and help the enterprise understand the total cost associated with migration and savings associated with it. 

Application readiness: It checks whether or not the system is ready to be moved to the public Cloud. It analyses whether the applications will function normally after being transferred to an external Cloud.  

Get the business stakeholders view: After the assessment, we will showcase the stakeholders on the value add, cost savings and benefits by moving to cloud from the perspectives of Cloud Adoption framework which are Business, People, Governance, Operations,Platform and Security.


Mobilize phase is a critical phase to perform when dealing with a large migration because it provides the enterprise with the necessary plan, environment, and experience to execute a successful migration. This phase involves preparing the business case and conducting team training to laying the Cloud environment foundation with the pilot migration.

Mobilization phase is designed to create foundational capability both in the organization and the Cloud environment using AWS Landing zone, including hands-on migration experience focused on security and operation automation. During the Mobilize Phase, proof of concept (POC) tests is performed to ensure that the migration plan works and that the procedures and documentation are ready for execution.

Rapyder engineering experts help enterprises successfully migrate to the public cloud while strengthening an agile and scalable delivery culture, team structure, and change management process. Although a dedicated phase is not always necessary, leveraging the methodology and strategy will ensure enterprises’ workload is moved efficiently and securely.

The mobilization approach includes a defined set of activities listed below:

  • Detailed portfolio discovery
  • Migration governance
  • Security, risk, and compliance
  • People: skills, culture, change, and leadership
  • Clear business case.

The mobilization phase provides some crucial benefits to enterprises such as:

  • This phase helps enterprise improves their IT staff’s skills set and competency for migration and organizational transformation.
  • Enterprises can define and automate security, risk, and compliance policies to accommodate operational controls through the mobilization phase.
  • The mobilization phase enables enterprises to establish their Cloud operating model and run applications in production capacity.


The post mobilization phase comes to the migration stage. This phase involves taking the plans you have developed and executing them successfully. Here a company moves some or all of its data centers capabilities into the Cloud and its applications.

This phase is significant for mission-critical projects that cannot sustain a longer downtime. Rapyder team ensures to follow all the best practices and Well-Architected Reviews and use the right set of tools and methodologies while migrating an enterprise application to the Cloud. We take care that each workload that has been individually migrated is working properly in the new environment before migrating another workload. The migrations would be planned as sprints in agile mode to ensure planned migration and timelines.

Once the applications are migrated, we help the customers maintain their workloads with the help of our Managed Services Offering.We also help the customers to assess and modernize thier workloads on the Cloud.

Case Studies

Rapyder Helped Limechat Successfully Migrate Its Applications From AZURE to AWS

Rapyder Helped Limechat Successfully Migrate Its Applications From AZURE to AWS

LimeChat is India's first level-3 AI chatbot company. LimeChat's focus on e-commerce internet-first brands increases online sales, conversions and reduces customer support costs by 50% ...
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High Performance, increased ROI, and incredible Customer Experience was achieved with Biryani by Kilo’s migration to AWS Cloud.

High Performance, increased ROI, and incredible Customer Experience was achieved with Biryani by Kilo’s migration to AWS Cloud.

Gurugram-based food-tech start-up, Biryani by Kilo (BBK), launched in 2015, has today expanded its reach across 30 cities in India with around 70 outlets and ...
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Rapyder helped Trilasoft successfully migrate its applications & infrastructure from the AWS N. Virginia region to AWS European Region.

Rapyder helped Trilasoft successfully migrate its applications & infrastructure from the AWS N. Virginia region to AWS European Region.

Trilasoft, Founded in 2007, Trilasoft works with passion to bring ideas to life and create applications for start-ups and enterprises. The company offers its customers ...
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