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AWS Cloud Migration

Why Move to the Cloud ?

As the demand for agility and flexibility grows, companies are shifting their traditional in-house IT systems and applications to the cloud to leverage the multiple benefits of the technology in terms of efficiency and profitability. Whether be it public, private, hybrid or a mix of various models, the use of cloud computing has expanded into almost every organization and new applications continue to evolve.

Why AWS for Cloud ?

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can provision compute power, storage, and other resources, gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services as your business demands them. At Rapyder, we help you build a cloud migration strategy for moving your IT systems and applications to the AWS Cloud, with minimal cost and effort so that you can reduce your capital expenses, minimize support and administrative costs, and retain the performance, security, and reliability requirements your business demands.

Moving to AWS made easy by Rapyder Cloud Solutions

Our AWS Cloud Migration process includes a phase-driven step-by-step strategy to migrate your IT systems and application to the AWS Cloud.
AWS Cloud Migration Process for easy migration
AWS Cloud Migration Process for easy migration

Understanding our 6 phase Cloud Migration Methodology

1st Phase – Pre-Assessment & Readiness Assessment Report

The first phase of our AWS cloud migration process includes the Pre-Assessment of your business drivers, service performance, availability and architecture and technology of your IT systems and applications, followed by their Readiness Assessment Report, which includes discovering their dependencies, data collection and in-depth analysis and report of their classification and migration plan.

2nd Phase – Proof of Concept (PoC)

The second phase of our AWS Cloud migration process includes planning a Proof of Concept (POC), wherein, we build a pilot by creating the environment, migrating data and deploy your existing IT systems and applications in the AWS to validate and measure their success with the AWS Cloud technology.

3rd Phase – Data Migration

In the third phase of our AWS Cloud Migration process, we plan the data migration of your IT systems and applications to the AWS Cloud through a clearly defined data migration strategy, which includes identification of destination database, the creation of database and its backup strategy.  Once the data migration strategy in place, we initiate the actual data migration by migrating the fileservers to AWS S3, commercial RDBMS to EC2 + EBS, and MySQL to Amazon RDS.

4th Phase – App Migration

In the fourth phase of our AWS Cloud Migration process, we suggest you the appropriate app migration strategy (which could be either Forklift Migration Strategy or Hybrid Migration Strategy, depending on your requirements and budget) and apply the same after taking your permission. The app migration process includes building ‘cloud-aware’ code as needed and creating Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for each component of your application.

5th Phase – Final Validation

The fifth stage of our AWS Cloud Migration process includes the final validation (to confirm that everything is working as expected), Leveraging of other AWS Services (including Auto Scaling Service, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elasticity MapReduce), Automation of Elasticity & In-Cloud SDLC & Upgrade Process, Hardening Security, Creation of Dashboard of Your Elastic Datacenter to Manage AWS Resources, and Leveraging Multiple Availability Zones by Creating a Business Continuity Plan to achieve High Availability.

6th Phase – Optimization, Security & Maintenance

The sixth stage of our AWS Cloud Migration Service includes the Optimization of your Cloud-based Application and IT System Usage based on demand to Increase its Cost-Savings (by Terminating the Under-Utilized Instances and Leveraging Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances), Manage its Usage (by Implementing Advanced Monitoring & Telemetry), and Maintain its Security (by Reengineering Your Application, Decomposing Your Relational Database and Implementing Best Practices).

Advantages of Moving Legacy Apps & IT Systems to AWS Cloud?

  1. Easy to Use: Host Your Application Quickly & Securely by using AWS Management Console or well-documented web services APIs to access AWS’s application hosting platform.
  2. Cost-Effective: Pay only for the compute power, storage, and other resources you use, with no long-term contracts or up-front commitments.
  3. Flexible: Get the Freedom of Choosing Programming Models, Languages, Operating System and Database of Your Choice.
  4. Scalable & High Performance: Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can scale up or down based on demand.
  5. Reliable & Secure: Amazon’s massive global cloud computing infrastructure gives you a complete peace of mind in terms of reliability and security of your IT Systems and applications on AWS Cloud.

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