Fibre 2 Fashion Achieved 100% Uptime For Its Applications with Rapyder Managed Services

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04 October 2022

About The Client

Fibre2Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is a market-driven B2B site established in 2000 to support and serve the textile industry. It has effectively served all the textile, garment, and fashion segments, with over 1800 items classified under 13 categories. With global recognition and technical expertise, it has been able to render clear visibility to its clients’ products and has helped them to reach the right target customers.


Textile and Apparels


Managed Services

Customer Business Needs:

Fiber2Fashion is looking for Managed Services Partner who can help with its infrastructure landscape and provide managed services 24×7 support concerning security, cost optimization, patch management, scalability, and infrastructure maintenance.


  • Auto Scaling was implemented along with FSx, integrated with Active Directory.
  •  AWS Elastic Load Balancer ensures it distributes the web traffic equally to all servers and prevents the server identity from being exposed. AWS WAF is the firewall that filters all web traffic before it reaches the Load Balancer and protects from all malicious attempts to infiltrate the web server.
  •  AWS Polly helps them to convert text into lifelike speech. This has enhanced the user experience.
  •  AWS SNS handles all their alert management and is integrated with CloudWatch to send emails on different event triggers.
  •  S3 is their primary persistent object storage solution, providing highly durable and reliable data storage with minimal cost.
  •  Athena and Glue are used for high-level data analytics and query processing.
  •  AWS CloudWatch monitors all servers’ performance and utilization metrics continuously. CloudWatch log groups are used to stream logs from different sources that can be kept centrally. Running queries on this large data group makes this even more potent in real time.
  •  AWS Config rules help to evaluate the non-complaint resources and help remediate wherever necessary.

Reaping Rewards:

  • Autoscaling was implemented, which ensured 100% uptime for the applications. This has reduced manual efforts and has brought considerable savings.
  •  Data syncing from their file server to their on-premises server was implemented through a secure S3 intermediary.
  •  Quarterly Cost optimization and Patch management have ensured that the resources are kept up-to-date and optimized regarding cost and security.
  •  Cost Optimization has helped save nearly 175$ recurring.
  •  Frequent sanity audit keeps unused resources in check and thus saves cost from time to time.

AWS Services Used:

Athena, CloudFront CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Config, EC2, ELB, Elasticache, Glue, Guard Duty, Inspector, Kinesis Firehose, Lambda Polly, Route 53, Security Hub, SNS, S3, WAF, VPC S2S VPN

Next logical move:

Well-Architected Review (WAR) to cover all core pillars of AWS. This would be a significant milestone in terms of reliability, cost reduction, security enhancement operation, performance efficiency and business sustainability.