AWS Managed Cloud Services Case Study of Docplexus- Rapyder

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11 July 2022

About The Client

Docplexus started in 2013 with the belief that a well-informed doctor is positioned to make better clinical decisions, leading to advancement in healthcare and patient outcomes.

Docplexus facilitates a round-the-clock exchange of dialogues with other members and experts anytime from anywhere and offers knowledge centers, treatment guidelines, certified educational resources, the latest medical news, and daily industry updates!

Since 2013, Docplexus has been a safe & secure community, hosting thousands of verified doctors across geographies who engage with each other and our team from anywhere and anytime. Docplexus is recognized as one of the Best Healthcare Brands for 2021 by The Economic Times.


Community of Clinicians


Managed Services

Customer Business Needs:

The customer is currently hosting their social media platform for doctors on AWS. Multiple applications are part of the platform, including content publishing and managing market campaign. The applications are built on Java using the play framework with an angular front end. There are two application environments, namely the production and test environment.

The customer is looking for a partner who has the expertise in AWS to manage the infrastructure as per best practice recommendations.

Solution Approach:

Rapyder is working with Docplexus to assess its current application and infrastructure landscape and provide managed services with 24×7 support concerning security, cost optimization, patch management, scalability, and infrastructure maintenance.


  • The current deployment is in Mumbai and Singapore Region.
  • Total of 11 EC2 instances for the application server across two environments.
  • There is a total of 4 RDS instances used as a Database.
  • RDS DB instance will have MySQL running.
  • NAT Gateway is used for outgoing traffic from private servers.
  • SSL is applied on the server where the website is hosted.
  • Custom metrics are configured for each instance, and CloudWatch alarms are set
  • VPC Flow logs (Network Logs) enabled and pushed to S3 Bucket.
  • Application Logs are synced to S3 Bucket.
  • Route53 is used to host a few Domains & Co-Domains handled by Docplexus and maintain DNS configuration.
  • Rapyder maintains regular backups using AWS Lifecycle Manager and AWS Backup Service to take AMIs’ & Snapshots. Rapyder policy for backup is daily, weekly, and monthly AMIs’.
  • Patch Management is completed for all the instances.
  • Monthly Infrastructure reports are prepared and addressed with improvements and solutions to maintain the overall health of the AWS accounts.
  • Rapyder follows AWS best practices to maintain Identity and Access Management (IAM) users & roles.

Reaping Rewards:

  • There have been minimal issues in the infra for the last 1 year.
  • Operating model of AWS helped to manage the infrastructure better.

AWS Services Used:

API Gateway, Athena, CloudWatch, Cost Explorer, Elastic Compute Cloud, ElastiCache, Kinesis Firehose, QuickSight, Redshift, Registrar, CloudTrail, RelationalDatabase Service, Route53, SimpleEmail Service, Simple Queue Service, S3.

Next logical move:

Rapyder will soon work on Security Assessment, Patching and WAR.

Customer Speaks

Rapyder has always been a great Partner to Docplexus. As a token of appreciation, we have always given 5 Star rating in QSAT Survey. We recently closed Database support with Rapyder and hope to engage in more business in the near future. 

We thank Rapyder and Team for always being supportive at all times.