A Multi-Format Retailer Strides to the Cloud with SAP HANA on AWS

AWS Managed Cloud Services Case Study of Multi-Format Retailer

About The Company

The client is a multi-format retailer selling a wide range of products (including Gourmet, Patisserie, Wine and Liquor, Fashion Accessories, Home Essentials, Electricals, Electronics, and Personal Care products) on various Social Media Platforms, Online Marketplaces, Mobile App Stores and Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs), besides its Brick-and-Mortar and Online Hypermarket Store.

The Challenge

  • The client wanted to leverage the AWS Platform for its native SAP HANA-based Application as soon as possible. But since it didn’t have the technical proficiency and any prior experience in hosting and managing its SAP HANA-based application on the AWS Platform itself, it was looking for an AWS Partner who specializes in the SAP Managed/Hosting Service on AWS to help it host and manage its SAP HANA based application on the AWS Cloud.
  • The client approached Rapyder to deploy its fully-functional SAP HANA-based application on the AWS Cloud in accordance with its specific business requirements as soon as possible.

The Solution

  • The SAP-AWS Experts of Rapyder worked with the customer to understand the usage and throughput needs. Based on these elements designed, the right configuration of Amazon Web Services could support the application’s seamless functioning and expedite its maintenance on the AWS Cloud without compromising its performance.
  • Rapyder proposed the client its SAP Managed/Hosting Services on AWS as the best solution to the problem because it will not only help the client host its fully-functional SAP HANA-based application on the AWS Cloud as quickly as possible but also optimize its performance, maintenance, and monthly AWS costs.
  • The client approved the solution, and Rapyder’s SAP-AWS Experts deployed infrastructure for the SAP HANA application on the AWS Cloud within 4 business days.
  • The SAP-AWS Experts of Rapyder are also managing the client’s AWS Account to ensure the smooth performance of the Infrastructure and optimize its monthly AWS costs.

The Benefits

Rapyder’s speedy SAP Managed/Hosting Services on AWS helped the client to quickly deploy its fully-functional SAP HANA-based application on the AWS Cloud within a very short time span of just four days, due to which the client was able to launch its application across multiple retail formats just within one month. By availing Rapyder’s SAP Managed/Hosting Services on AWS, the client was also able to manage and maintain the performance of its application at a faster pace, operate more securely, and save on its monthly AWS costs, all while benefitting from the scalability and elasticity of the AWS Cloud Platform.

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About Rapyder

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