Frrole Migrates From Azure to AWS With Rapyder Cloud Solutions

Frrole Migrates from Azure to AWS cloud with Rapyder Case Study
Frrole Migrates from Azure to AWS cloud with Rapyder Case Study

29 November 2019

About The Client

Frrole is a best-in-class AI platform, based in Bangalore, works at the intersection of social dataand consumer intelligence. They believe that the softwares have to become more intelligent for it to continue delighting the customer. Frrole has mastered the social data set, that can be best utilized to understand consumers at scale, to build the Google of the social web – unleashing the power of accurate and predictive consumer insight for all the software in the world, making it truly intelligent.

The Business Need

The client uses data collected through social media for building the Google of social web. They were already using Azure cloud services for its two flagship products- Scout & Deeper Sense. However, they wanted to migrate to AWS for two major reasons:

  • Reduce the overall cost
  • Apply best practices to help scale

Thus, Frrole was looking for an AWS expert to help the successfully migrate.

Since both the applications were business critical, the client wanted minimal downtime during the migration. Also, the amount of data to be migrated was in terabytes and the entire migration had to be done within extremely short timelines.

The Solution

After studying the working of the applications, cloud experts at Rapyder came up with an optimum solution for migrating the application from Azure to AWS. Our cloud experts stitched a solution with AWS services and the following solutions were implemented:

  • A VPN connection from AWS to Azure account was provisioned for a seamless connectivity.
  • The NoSQL database were extended into AWS taking into account for the huge amount of data to be transferred.
  • The search engine of the application having terabytes of data into the clusters of AWS by extending the clusters into AWS which ensure zero downtime.
  • All other servers were created in private subnet only to be accessed within a VPC for security with a load balancer.
  • The NoSQL database and search engine cluster were deployed across availability zones for HA.
  • Open VPN server was provisioned to connect directly to the instances in private servers from local.
  • NAT gateway was used for all outgoing internet connections from private servers.
  • Reserved instances recommendations helped in reducing the cost further after.

The Benefits

  • Considering the timeline requested by the client, the entire migration including the database of 5TB was completed within 10 days.
  • After migrating the entire application on AWS, the client was able to recognize a cost saving of almost 25% when compared to the expenses paid on Azure.
  • The solution provided is highly available and scalable at all layers of the application.