Tix Technologies Migrates to AWS Cloud with Rapyder

Tix technologies migrate windows .NET application to AWS cloud with Rapyder solutions
Tix technologies migrate windows .NET application to AWS cloud with Rapyder solutions

15 December 2019

About The Client

TIX was founded in 2009 with the single goal of making live events more affordable in Australia. They achieved this by launching Lasttix – a destination to find discount ticket offers to theatre, concerts, musicals and more.

Fast forward 10 years and they have expanded their goal to also make live entertainment more accessible and have done this by launching the TIX app which in one clear interface helps its users instantly identify the best ticket prices no matter where they are or what their budget is.

TIX now operates in 4 countries with over 1.6 million members.

The Business Need

CUSTOMER had developed a .NET application for ticket selling product, built using Windows Stack, and wanted to host this application on the Cloud. After discussions with the Rapyder team of Cloud engineers, they decided to go with AWS to get benefit of flexibility of Infrastructure sizing as well as to have a Scalable infrastructure along with High Availability for their different components as they were expecting huge traffic on the platform.

They also wanted to have CI/CD pipelines for each of their application components.

The Solution

To address the business objectives that needed to be achieved, Rapyder implemented a solution on AWS that, considering the future growth expected, provided Tix Technologies with a flexible and scalable environment:

  • The application has UI, API’s and DB layers.
  • All the servers were launched in private subnet to prevent the servers being exposed to public directly.
  • High availability was factored in and servers were launched in HA mode across different availability zones.
  • UI and API layers were deployed in Auto-scaling groups behind the Application Load Balancer to meet the scaling demand of the Customer.
  • MSSQL enterprise edition was used as DB to run the database in Always-On mode, so that high availability will be taken care of.
  • AWS managed Microsoft AD was implemented and all the servers made part of the AD to manage authentication centrally.
  • Servers using IAM roles to access the services like S3, Cloudwatch.
  • IAM users created and only required access provided by using IAM policies.
  • Custom metrics were setup on all servers and monitoring enabled by using Cloudwatch.
  • Cloudwatch alarms were also created for CPU Utilization, Memory and Disk Utilization.
  • Antivirus was installed on each server to protect the servers from malware attacks.
  • AWS CloudFormation used for spinning up the entire infrastructure.
  • CI/CD pipelines have been setup for each application component. AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy was used for CI and CD.
  • Jenkins hosted on EC2 machine.
  • AWS Guard Duty was enabled and custom solution developed using lambda scripts to take actions on the findings.
  • Custom Lambda function was also written for notification of CI/CD to the Customer.
  • CloudTrail was enabled for all regions.

AWS Services

EC2, Auto Scaling, Load Balancer, S3, AWS AD, Guard Duty, Code Pipeline, Code Deploy, Lambda, SNS, Work Mail, Systems Manager

Third Party Services

Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 14.0.3023.8

MSSQL Enterprise edition was used for Database in Always-On mode. This enabled the data to be synchronized between two nodes at any point of time. Application connects to the Database using the Listener which would take care of the primary and secondary node. All the reads will go to secondary node to distribute the traffic across two nodes.

Backups and custom monitoring scripts has also been set up on the databases to monitor the database.

Trend Micro Deep Security

Trend Micro Deep security has been used for each server to save the servers from malicious attacks. Agent has been installed on each server and the new auto-scaling server which will come up will activate the agent using command in user data.

The Benefits

  • Tix Technologies is now successfully running their workloads on AWS Cloud which is able to handle the huge traffic with the help of Auto-Scaling groups.
  • All their deployments are automated and there is no human intervention for the same which have reduced their go to market.
  • As the environment is configured to be running in high availability (behind the load balancer and in Auto Scaling groups), the servers are near auto-healable. Thus, there is no downtime for the applications.

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