Migrates to AWS Cloud, Achieved Performance & Cost Reduction of 30%

About The Client is a direct-to-consumer online apparel company with a fast-growing and robust customer base since its inception in 2012. It has grown to become a successful business and lifestyle brand with an annual turnover of Rs. 210 crores in FY 2019-20. The company believes in improving the customer experience, product design, and supply chain processes through technological innovation. With a current employee strength of over 250, Bewakoof has sold more than one crore of products. Its app has over 60 lakh downloads and continues to grow by the hour. Bewakoof aims to become a household brand, cross Rs.1,000 in revenues by 2024, and leverage technology to drive the scale.

The Business Need was earlier running its workloads in GCP, which was deployed and managed by its internal team. However, with Bewakoof’s focus on business growth and scale, its management moved the workloads and entire operations to AWS cloud, given the latter’s reliability, the numerous managed services, and the efficient cost structure offerings. It wanted to leverage the AWS cloud suite to power its platform backend, marketing tech, and data services.

Bewakoof was exploring a suitable and reliable partner to support them in migrating and deploying the workloads seamlessly onto AWS, with minimal downtime. The Client also wanted to ensure that best practices were being followed along with associated cost benefits and no data loss.

Rapyder Cloud Solutions, an Advanced AWS Consulting partner with expertise and experience in successful cloud migration services, was chosen by the Client to help move the workloads to AWS Cloud.

The Solution

Rapyder’s team of Cloud Architects had several discovery sessions with the Client to understand the latter’s requirement for migration to AWS Cloud. The team then conceptualized and stitched a robust and customized solution around AWS services for the migration. The following proposed solution was implemented by Rapyder for a successful migration to AWS while ensuring that best practices and business continuity principles were also applied:

  • EKS cluster in AWS was configured to setup the application on AWS.
  • The CICD pipeline was built using native AWS services to ensure business continuity, faster go-to-market, and integration with other AWS services.
  • The migration activity was completed within the agreed time frame with the Client.

Automated threat detection was implemented using AWS GuardDuty, an ML-based threat detection service that helps identify malicious activities and unauthorized behavior to protect AWS accounts, workload, and data.

The Benefits

The pandemic and other factors that contributed to the fluctuation of the market also impacted the operational and storage needs of the IT infrastructure in general. By applying business continuity principles and best practices in moving the workloads to AWS Cloud, the Rapyder team brought about a significant increase in performance and cost efficiency,

  • The cloud cost was reduced by 30 percent, and in the long term, the migration is likely to bring down the cost by a significant 15-20
  • The operational overheads were reduced significantly by leveraging the managed services of AWS, such as ElastiCache.
  • Enabled to scale quickly to handle the unexpected spikes in traffic, as and when the need arises.
  • Cost efficiency was also achieved by using AMD-based instances on AWS.
  • Application release management was made seamless with building the CICD process for the application running on EKS, thereby ensuring business.
  • The process that was built using native AWS tools ensured better integrations with other AWS services.
  • The migration will drive the platform’s growth by adding more capabilities and SKUs, leading to an increase in the number of monthly visitors.
  • It will help the brand to go regional by enabling the designing of products that align with the cultural and regional ethos besides the region-specific weather conditions. This will require data streaming, analysis, and quick decision-making that are enabled with the AWS cloud.
  • By leveraging AWS-managed services and deep tech support, Bewakoof can provide an enhanced user experience and customization at scale.

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About Rapyder

Rapyder is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with competencies in DevOps and Well-Architected Review that offers end-to-end cloud solutions across industry verticals. We are a cloud partner that is agile, precise, innovative, and quick with solutions providing 24*7 support and monitoring for our services. Our organization has 100% AWS certified cloud engineers who work seamlessly to make the cloud a business benefit for you.

Being ISO/IEC 27001-2013 certified, Rapyder has earned hundreds of satisfied customers. We have a few thousand VMs launched and migrated hundreds of cloud deployments and a significant number of managed services clients. We currently process thousands of customer requests monthly. Over the years, Rapyder has achieved new competencies in its journey to becoming a premium cloud service provider.

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