Rapyder Enables Implementation of Infrastructure on AWS

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16 September 2019

About The Company

The Company is a proprietary trading group specializing in quantitative and investment strategies. It was set up in 2009 and has increased to become India’s largest proprietary trading house, having offices in Delhi and Bangalore. With its well-researched strategies, risk management tools, and efficient trade execution infrastructure, the Company is a cut above the rest in the current marketplace. With an exceptionally talented pool of employees continuously looking to challenge their limits, it is poised to become a global player in algorithmic trading. The Company is a member of India’s major stock exchanges like the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and MCXSx.

The Challenge

The Client contemplated using AWS Cloud for their developer instances and building machines for running their EDA toolset development software.

The requirement was a seamless desktop experience on the machines to simulate the desktop environment.

The Solution

Rapyder had a detailed discussion with the customer and carried out the POC. The outputs of the POC were the following:

  • The Ubuntu EC2 server was provisioned, and all the requirements were fulfilled.
  • VNC was set up initially for user testing.
  • NoMachine evaluation edition was installed and given for signoff from the customer.

Rapyder has deployed the following infrastructure and architecture to help the Client achieve its goals.

  • Six EC2 servers with desktop EDA tools for the individual developers.
  • Two Build servers were set up for the team for a high workload.
  • Setup and installation of NoMachine on the individual machines and build servers.
  • Site-to-site VPN connection from the Noida office to AWS.
  • Setup of OpenVPN server to have developers connect from other places besides the Client’s office.

The Benefits

– The automation reduced the time required for environment creation and deployment from 3 days to 20 minutes.
– The cost of the AWS infrastructure of the Client was reduced by 50%.
– The Client was able to deploy many environments on the same day.
– The accelerated deployment of environments and optimized cost of the AWS infrastructure not only saved the time and money of the Client but also reduced its Go-to-market time significantly. Thus, helping it to serve its customer in a better way.

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