AWS Disaster Recovery Helps NBFC Client Reduce Recovery Time & Costs

AWS Cloud disaster recovery Services Case Study of NBFC banner image

5 July 2019

About The Client

Our client is an NBFC registered with RBI that started commercial operations in 2013. Traditional underwriting methods in India exclude more than 50% of creditworthy SMEs. With a mission to bring a social impact in this segment, they cater primarily to this underserved market by adopting an innovative approach to validate the business’s creditworthiness and identify and serve these credit-worthy merchants. They have launched commercial operations in multiple cities across India with plans for more growth.

The Challenge

The customer was running multiple business-critical applications on AWS. The applications were not horizontally scalable and running in a single Availability Zone. To mitigate the risk of single-point failure, the customer reached out to Rapyder for a solution. Then, executing a Disaster Recovery strategy ensuring Business Continuity with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) / Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of close to 30 mins.

The Solution

Rapyder did a complete study of the Disaster Recovery requirements of the customer. We evaluated different strategies of Active-Passive and Active-Active Disaster Recovery (DR) models. A TCO analysis was done by running an Active-Active setup, and it was found to be more expensive than the customer had budgeted. Rapyder then used a solution provided by one of AWS ISV partners to use block-level replication to replicate the data and server from the production AWS account to a separate DR AWS account.

All configurations were made so the servers could be brought up within 15 mins, which exceeded the customer’s expectations. We continue to support our clients in conducting mock drills periodically.

The Benefit

  • The customer was delighted with the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) solution and implementation of the project by Rapyder. The Disaster Recovery drills were conducted, and the Recovery Time Objective was found to be less than 15 mins.