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Visualization Company Optimizes Time and Cost using AWS Spot Fleet

Visualization Company Optimizes Time and Cost using AWS Spot Fleet [AWS Case Study]

About The Client

The Client is a visualization company, based out of Bangalore. They create best in class visualization products and services to various industries. Their footprint in the home decor visualization industry is rapidly growing with the help of their talented team and experienced mentors.

Using their expertise in the world of digital art and cutting-edge application development skills, they provide state of the art applications that are highly customizable and platform agnostic.

The Challenge

The client is running their 3D image processing application on Azure where an image comes as input and the application processes that image. Each file takes 10-24 hours to process. They had to manually start the processing job and monitor it throughout, thus consuming a lot of time and much cost. The customer was looking for a solution on AWS to reduce the overall image processing time and cost.

The Solution

The Cloud Consultants of Rapyder did an extensive research on the customer’s application and designed the right cloud platform and configuration that could support the seamless functioning of the application. The consultants of Rapyder proposed an automated solution to the customer where servers are launched in parallel based on the files to be processed, and thus, reducing the overall processing time. Rapyder leverage Spot Fleet management of AWS to reduce the costing of processing each file. Also, the customer can now track the status of each file through an API provided to them.

The Benefits

  • The solution proposed by Rapyder helped the client to focus on its core business as their 3D image processing is taken care by solution, thus reducing time and cost for the customer.

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