Biryani by Kilo’s Achieved Incredible ROI & Customer Experience Migration To AWS Cloud

About the client

Gurugram-based food-tech start-up, Biryani by Kilo (BBK), launched in 2015, has today expanded its reach across 30 cities in India with around 70 outlets and continues to grow exponentially. It offers Biryani to the masses and uses the best ingredients, including expensive branded rice, spices handpicked from Kerala, and stringently selected meats and vegetables for its Biryani and Kebabs.

This cloud-kitchen start-up aims to grow to 200 plus outlets across India in the next two years and expand to international destinations, with an estimated Rs. 500 crore annual revenue by then.

Client’s challenge and the business need

BBK’s fast growth is driven by its increasing number of customers and expanding footprint. Although the organization had migrated to AWS Cloud from running on a Private Cloud, it faced several operations and customer service challenges. In addition, due to the inaccurate configuration of the AWS Cloud architecture, BBK’s business-critical infrastructure was impacted.

  • Customers’ orders from food aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy were getting missed at the outlets due to intermittent server outages, thereby losing crucial business and spoiling the customer’s experience.
  • This challenge worsened when there was a significant spike in order volume during weekends, holidays, and special days, such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
  • Database optimization was another area that had to be addressed.
  • Cloud Security was another area that needed to be addressed, as the organization was using payment gateways for food orders.
  • High availability and scaling of cloud infrastructure were required, without which the business functions could suffer.

The client was unhappy with their AWS partner and was looking for a more experienced partner who could help them derive the proper benefits of AWS and help solve their issues. Rapyder Cloud Solutions, an Advanced AWS Consulting partner with expertise and experience in successful cloud migration services, proposed a new solution to address all the above challenges. Rapyder’s team of Cloud Architects had several discovery sessions with the client to understand the latter’s requirement for implementing AWS Cloud. Then, they conceptualized and stitched a powerful, robust, and customized solution around AWS services for the task. Rapyder implemented the following proposed solution for a successful implementation of AWS Cloud.

  • Rapyder re-configured the cloud architecture and ensured successful migration to the re-architected AWS cloud environment to suit the growing requirements of the organization.
  • Being content heavy with videos and pictures of the dishes, these files were stored and continuously running across the network. They could be accessed by mobile phones even in Tier 2 cities from a 2G network too. AWS CloudFront was leveraged to deliver content continuously across all networks and geographies.
  • Downtime challenges was addressed to contain business and customer losses, with all orders to the organization across touchpoints getting executed.
  • Overall security of the infrastructure, covering payment gateways and all other security parameters, such as information and data security, was achieved.
  • CloudWatch was leveraged to monitor the infrastructure, and proactive measures were taken to address issues.
  • Database optimization was established with all DB layer parameters put in place.
  • Availability and Scalability aspects were established in this new-architected infrastructure.
  • All Applications and Databases were migrated to AWS cloud during non-peak hours with minimum downtime not affecting business operations.
  • The entire solution that was stitched and implemented met the criteria of Security best practices.

Business benefits

  • With the significant reduction in downtime, the high volume of food orders placed was attended to and served, increasing business and ROI.
  • Content delivery through videos was achieved, leading to smooth business transactions across all outlets in Tier I and Tier 2 cities and from 2G, 3G, or 4G networks, thereby enhancing customer experience.
  • Cloud Infrastructure performance improved as a highly available and scalable architecture was provided at all the layers with the deployment.
  • Employing AWS services such as self-managed EC2 instances and leveraging auto-scaling observed significant cost savings.
  • Ease of management of applications and optimal performance was achieved with the migration.
  • The migration of applications and databases was completed with negligible downtime with no impact on the business.

Currently, the Cloud Infrastructure is maintained 24X7 by Rapyder, with BBK also signing up for the Managed Services.


This biryani startup case study appreciating the effort Rapyder team, Kaushik Roy, Head of BBK, said, “The Rapyder team of Cloud experts was able to zero down on the several issues present in the old Cloud Architecture to create a stable and secure environment. Now, we can provide a better customer experience, where orders are not missed with a faster turn-around time of service delivery being achieved as well.” He added, “We have also signed up for Rapyder’s ongoing Managed Services to monitor and manage the Cloud Infrastructure.”

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