Case Studies

Understanding how technology helps to achieve business outcomes can be a daunting task. By going through our real-life case studies, you will be able to relate more to the industry and make sense of how similar benefits can be translated to your business as well.

AWS case studies

AWS DevOps case study of Terraform banner image
Rapyder Builds Infrastructure As Code Using Terraform

15 September 2019 About The Company The client started the business as a consultancy helping large companies run competitions in […]

AWS Cloud Migration case study of Textile firm banner image
Rapyder Enables Quick, Reliable & Secure Migration of .Net Application to AWS

2 August 2019 About The Client Built to bolster and serve the textile fraternity, the Customer has a market-driven B2B […]

AWS E-Commerce Case Study of GlobalKart banner image
GlobalKart Enhances its Security & Scalability With AWS Infrastructure

12 September 2019 About The Client The idea of GlobalKart was conceptualized in November 2018 with the vision to revolutionize the […]

AWS Cloud Migration Security Service Case Study of LoanTap FinTech Firm banner image
NBFC Comes Aboard on AWS With Rapyder

29 August 2019 About The Client LoanTap is a Fintech company by DNA and its constituents. Its co-founders have specialized […]

AWS Managed Cloud Service Case Study- Travel Firm banner image
AWS Managed Cloud Service Case Study: Travel Firm Achieved Cost Saving

29 August 2019 About The Client Our Customer is a leader in the travel industry assisting its customers in making […]

AWS DevOps Services Case Study of Tix Technologies banner image
AWS DevOps Services Case Study – Implemented a CI/CD Pipeline on Tix

29 August 2019 About The Client Tix is a ticket booking application based in Australia with a single goal of […]

AWS Cloud Optimization Case Study of Visualization Firm banner image
Visualization Company Optimizes Time and Cost using AWS Spot Fleet

2 August 2019 About The Client The Client is a visualization company based out of Bangalore. They create best-in-class visualization […]

AWS Cloud disaster recovery Services Case Study of NBFC banner image
AWS Disaster Recovery Helps NBFC Client Reduce Recovery Time & Costs

5 July 2019 About The Client Our client is an NBFC registered with RBI that started commercial operations in 2013. […]