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Expert cloud migration services to help your business make most of the cloud

Build organizational, technical, and operational capabilities by securely moving workloads to the Cloud with expert guidance and support.

What is Cloud Migration Services and Solutions?

Rapyder’s cloud migration services enable you to securely and timely move data, web and mobile applications and other various forms of documents and files from any traditional on-premise server to any cloud computing environment supported by major cloud OEMs regardless the requirement of public, private or hybrid environments.

Cloud environment is ideally chosen by businesses ranging from startups to enterprises due to the massive advantages it can bring in terms of cost, agility, scalability, performance and various other parameters including the possibility to continuously evolve based on the needs of business inclusive of support for legacy applications.

What makes Rapyder one of the best Cloud Migration Service Provider?

Here at Rapyder we help clients develop the best cloud strategy for their migration business case, create a roadmap, and develop a solution that best fits their requirements. Whether they need cloud readiness assessment or infrastructure setup, architecture redesign, migration, auxiliary services and maintenance, we are there to help on every step of the way.

However, as business grows the need for more visibility and data driven decisions become crucial and lifeline for progress and you will also need a partner who can bring you the best cloud can offer.

We are a pool of 100+ experts and have extensive experience with migration exercise in direct partnership with Amazon AWS, Microsoft and other OEMs.

Common problems faced by Business without Cloud Infrastructure

  1. Scaling the Infrastructure – Auto-Scaling the resources as needed can be a challenge in an on-prem environment. For example, during traffic spikes auto-scaling is considered a near impossible challenge for many legacy systems.
  2. Convenience– Scheduled maintenance and upgradation of on-prem and legacy systems can be a challenging and expensive activity.
  3. Flexibility– The degree of flexibility varies for non-cloud infrastructure. At times users are forced to completely revamp the entire system and hardware setup.
  4. Speed, Availability and Performance – Limitations due to the ISP and bandwidth negatively impact business. SEO, User experience, Reputation, Business Continuity Processes and conversion goes for a toss once any of these three parameters are impacted.
  5. Cost savings– Expansion and scaling the on-premise setup can quickly become an expensive option based on business needs.
  6. Disaster Recovery and Data Backup- Data breaches, server outage and cracking attempts can adversely affect the reputation of any business. Reduction and survival of such incidents shall be a priority for any vertical.
  7. Security– Securing the infrastructure from cracking attempts, malware, DDoS, SQL Injections, Managing the security teams, compliances is a laborious and complex task to exercise on a regular basis.
  8. Compliances– Data and other compliances requirements and issues can become a nightmare.

Common problems faced by Businesses with Cloud Migration

  1. Finding a reliable cloud migration provider– Finding and partnering with a reputed and reliable cloud migration service provider is hard. Rapyder can fill this gap; many customers can vouch for service satisfaction along with our partnered OEMs. We have a sacrosanct Win-Win-Win policy for Customers, Company and the Employees.
  2. Domain Expertise- Cloud adoption can be daunting task for inexperienced teams while using complicated services.
  3. Initial Adoption Costs- By implementing an unoptimized structure the initial costs are likely accumulated and inflate than it ideally should be.
  4. App Modernization- Legacy and other conflicting issues can arise during modernization process. In depth knowledge about the dos and don’ts becomes crucial here.

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Common problems faced by Businesses while Migrating to Cloud?

  1. Visibility of Existing Infrastructure- Many business decision-makers simply lack visibility to their own infrastructure and accumulate incurring costs by paying for resources they are not using or can be optimized. A proper planning session can remediate such adverse scenarios.
  2. Planning a framework- Right services, at the right timing, and at the right place is a puzzle game any dedicated infrastructure team has to conquer.
  3. Cost and Performance Optimization – The addition of avoidable resources, not adopting open source and free license offerings, unfixed vulnerabilities and choice of excess amount of resource allocation can be overwhelming to handle.
  4. Disaster Recovery and Backup setup– Creating a proper backup cycle, standard SOPs on disaster recovery, timely data swaps, and automated alerts.
  5. Security Setup- Audit requirements and setup, setting up real-time alerts, prevention procedures, auxiliary services, threat and vulnerability detection and resolution usually requires a specialized management team or needs to be partnered with a reliable security agency.
  6. Auxiliary Service Adoption- Scaling the business will require specialized security, cost optimization, data analytics, IoT, RPA, and other services to extend the functionality of the infrastructure. Finding the right service can only be determined by specialists having multi-front experience.

How Cloud provides a vantage position to Serverless Business Infrastructure?

  1. Auto-Scaling– With the cloud, you only pay for what you use. This principle enables you to scale the infrastructure as per need.
  2. Convenience and options for management: Cloud OEM providers have readymade packages and the tech stack needed for optimal and agile development, including DevOps.
  3. Agility and Flexibility– Agile and flexible development cycles enabled.
  4. Availability and Performance- Best in Industry availability and uptime numbers compared to the competition.
  5. Cost savings on Hardware, Software licenses, and Data- Availability of open source options to reduce licensing costs, no more hardware maintenance, and more
  6. Disaster Recovery and Data Backup- Automated notifications and data backups enabled ease and faster recovery from adverse scenarios and minimal service interruptions and downtime.
  7. Security- Prevent malware-based, injections, and DDoS with the right amount of security with a variety of Rapyder-partnered ISVs.
  8. Compliances-  OEM clouds take compliances very seriously which comply with most data protection laws.

The search for reliable Cloud migration Consulting Companies

Any business desires a service partner who fulfills the infrastructure needs with the utmost care. 

However, without themselves knowing, businesses fall into the hands of service providers with less expertise or middlemen to service providers. Companies lose their valuable brand, money, effort, and time in chasing this endless process.

Rapyder is the solution to such expensive experiments. Rapyder’s 9.1/ 10 NPS score from our managed services customers stands tall as a testimony to the care we provide for customers.

The Start, Sustenance, and Stop

Planning for migration– Whether you are a new or an existing user who wants to adopt cloud technology, Rapyder can help you with the creation of a well-structured architecture, that is optimized for the exact requirement you have. Depending on a fresh cloud migration or moving data and applications from the existing on-prem setup, we will tailor a migration strategy with minimal service interruptions and downtime.

For an efficient digital transformation and modernization of the environment, we suggest opting for our Architecture Review and Licensing Optimization services, which have proven to be one of the best in the industry to architect an optimal framework.

Maintenance of existing structure – Our flagship managed services are rated as one of the best in the Industry by both OEM partners and customers alike. Our 24*7*365 dedicated customer support is capable and proven to handle any unexpected situation with minimal downtime without compromising on convenience for the customer. Our timely alerts on security threats, cost reports, adverse system dynamics, optimization suggestions, and other auxiliary services enable a smooth progression in any Cloud setting.

Exiting Cloud– Rare cases do occur where businesses may want to exit the cloud due to some unavoidable circumstances. This scenario is rare since most businesses quickly realize the benefits the cloud delivers within months of adoption. Rapyder can completely support your migration to a new environment from the cloud if an imminent drop from Cloud is necessary.

Our 6 steps of successful Cloud Migration and Associated Costs and Time

  1. Discovery & Strategy: Let us assess the requirement and devise a migration strategy
  2. Proof of Concept: We do a sample migration for you to check and understand
  3. Data Migration– Migrating your data to the Cloud servers
  4. Application Migration– Migration of your applications to the Cloud
  5. Cloud Transition– Completion, verification, and finalization of cloud adoption
  6. Run & Optimize: We run and monitor the infrastructure for you and give suggestions on 360-degree cloud optimization

Supplement Cloud Services for Businesses

Rapyder helps you facilitate all such modern facilities, including extended cloud security and optimization services post-migration. We intend to be the single-stop solution for you to get the maximum benefits any cloud can deliver. 

  • Omni-Channel Marketing and Messaging
  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Data Lakes and Warehouses 
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • IoT
  • App Modernization
  • Database Modernization
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Blockchain and more as the need arise.

Best practice tips for Cloud Migration

If you are starting fresh with Cloud, avail yourself of our FREE KYA services to understand the best possible solution for migration to be implemented. If your business is already on the Cloud, avail of our WAR and Licensing Optimization services. Our clients achieved up to 90% infrastructure cost reduction in a few months by starting with mentioned services.

Why choose Rapyder as Full-stack Cloud Migration Consulting and Solution Provider?

Here at Rapyder, we help clients develop the best cloud strategy for their business case be it from any industry, create a roadmap, and develop a solution that best fits their business needs. Whether they need cloud readiness assessment or infrastructure setup, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance, we are here to help every step of the way.

However, you will also need a partner to bring you the best cloud offers. As the business grows, the need for more visibility and data-driven decisions becomes crucial and a lifeline for progress. 

We are a pool of 100+ experts with extensive experience with the eCommerce domain directly partnered with Amazon AWS, Microsoft, and other OEMs.

24*7 Customer Support

Our NPS 9+ rated 24*7*365 service is always available to you as a customer with a dedicated team for clients opted for managed services. We have structured our team so you can focus on business with minimal service interruptions possible.