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Implementing data analytics in cloud computing environment


Unlock the potential of your Data with our Data Analytics Services

In this data-driven business environment, every enterprise needs to store, analyze and derive meaningful insights from a large set of data gathered from different sources.

With data analysis, organizations can understand their customer needs, explore new market opportunities, innovate new products and services, detect and prevent fraud, etc. The structured reports, derived from analytics tools, can be leveraged to add more value to their business, scale up their performance and resilience and gain a competitive edge over competitors.

At Rapyder, our Data Analytics professionals assess infrastructure, analyze pain points, and perform internal research to understand customer needs and help them derive the most meaningful insights from the large set of complex data with the help of the right set of tools and technologies.

Visualize your Data with AWS Quicksight:
AWS Quicksight is a cloud-based business intelligence service that enables organizations to create interactive visualizations and reports easily. Our team of experts will seamlessly integrate AWS Quicksight into your existing data infrastructure, making data analysis and reporting efficient and straightforward. Whether you need executive dashboards, sales reports, or real-time data visualization, our solutions are tailored to suit your specific business requirements. We understand that each organization’s data needs are unique. Our solutions are tailor-made to address your specific challenges and goals.

Service Highlights:
– Customized Dashboards:
We’ll design and develop interactive dashboards that display the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business operations.
– Data Exploration: Uncover hidden insights within your data with easy-to-use visualizations and ad-hoc data exploration capabilities.
– Collaboration and Sharing: Enable your teams to collaborate effectively by sharing dashboards, reports, and insights securely across the organization.
– Mobile Accessibility: Access your data and reports on-the-go through mobile devices, ensuring data-driven decision-making from anywhere.

Extract or Transform your data with AWS Glue:
AWS Glue simplifies the process of data integration, transformation, and preparation, eliminating the challenges associated with traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. We will leverage AWS Glue to streamline your data pipelines and ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date, and readily available for analysis. Beyond implementation, we offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your data analytics ecosystem running smoothly.

Service Highlights:
– Data Cataloging: Build a centralized and fully managed metadata catalog for your data assets, enhancing data discoverability and data governance.
– ETL Automation: Automate the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from various sources into AWS data warehouses like Redshift.
– Data Validation: Implement data quality checks to ensure the consistency and reliability of your data throughout the integration process.
– Scalability: As your data grows, AWS Glue scales effortlessly to handle larger workloads without compromising on performance.

Data Warehousing with AWS Redshift:
AWS Redshift is a powerful, fully-managed data warehouse service designed to handle large-scale analytics workloads. We will help you set up and optimize AWS Redshift to handle your organization’s data requirements, providing lightning-fast query performance and cost-effective storage solutions. With a focus on innovation, we ensure that your data analytics capabilities remain up-to-date and ready to adapt to future challenges.

Service Highlights:
– Seamless Deployment: Our team will handle the complete setup and configuration of AWS Redshift, ensuring a smooth transition to your new data warehouse environment.
– Performance Optimization: Fine-tune your Redshift clusters to deliver optimal query performance and minimize processing time.
– Data Security: Implement robust security measures to protect your data, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
– Cost Optimization: We’ll help you optimize your AWS Redshift costs by recommending the most efficient data storage and usage strategies.

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We extend Data analytics services to the following sectors:

  • Healthcare: We provide data analytics services to improve your health system’s clinical, operational, and financial performance.
  • Media & Entertainment: We help entertainment and media companies solve their most complex business challenges by unlocking insights hidden in their data, from social media listening to predictive models to test advertising, pricing, and sales forecasts.
  • Logistics: With our analytics theory, logistics companies can analyze their data into actionable insights to improve their business performance.
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: At Rapyder, we help manufacturing companies use our analytics reports to upgrade their existing processes, scale up operations, implement automation to reduce waste and improve productivity, and reduce human error, enabling faster changes and process changes.
  • Edtech: We empower the Edtech industry to leverage Data analytics theory to track and analyze their data to identify how their students learn and behave, understand their core needs, and improve their teaching methods.
  • Gaming: With the help of data-driven analysis, GameTech companies can understand, grow and retain their existing players by providing a custom-made solution while increasing their performance and reducing operational costs.
  • E-commerce: We help E-commerce industries use data analytics techniques to predict the demand for a particular product well and forecast sales. Our analytics reports have a high potential for E-commerce platforms to maximize their and yield better ROI.

What we offer:

With expertise in data analytics and AI and ML–based recommendations, Rapyder transforms businesses into success stories. Rapyder believes it can play a potential role in identifying their competitive potential and pave the way for real-time business intelligence by extracting meaningful information from vast unorganized, complicated data.

Our team comprising of data professionals, possesses the capabilities to offer Data Analytics in wide areas such as:

  • Financial sectors
  • HR
  • Manufacturing & supply chain
  • Transportation & logistics, and many more.