Customer Engagement with Amazon Pinpoint

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Rapyder Presents Enhanced Marketing Communications Service by Amazon Pinpoint in India

Enhanced customer satisfaction and conversion by enabling behavior-driven personalized experiences.

What’s hurting modern businesses the most?

The post pandemic era
The Post-Pandemic Era

Consumer behavior is expected to develop towards an online and no-contact approach.
The need for a multi-channel marketing platform is growing. The Global Web Index report states that almost 50% of consumers will limit store visits by a significant margin.

single marketing strategy is no longer a viable option
One-Way Marketing isn’t Enough

A single marketing strategy is no longer viable for most modern brick-and-mortar businesses. In association with Rapyder, Amazon Web Services hopes to elevate the marketing strategies for the CMOs, bringing a combination of creativity and technological prowess into the fold.

Marketing Techniques Segmentation
Marketing Techniques Need Segmentation

Cold calling and email marketing alone won’t be enough to generate multiple revenue streams, especially without improving customer engagement. Generic marketing content can be counter-effective, causing your marketing strategies to go down the drain.

“Amazon Pinpoint lets you create real client connections, not just contacts.”

Customer loyalty isn’t a one-way street – businesses moving forward need to keep the connection alive with customers of the past and the new followers in the present. Amazon Pinpoint emerges as a solution with flexibility for varying businesses, offering scalability to support your brand growth.

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Single API to manage a multi-channel approach to simulate machine learning for better customer engagement over time.


Multi-point SMS, email, and telecommunication marketing solutions create fragmented customer data without a singular view of customer behavior.

A flexible architecture encourages a tailor-made approach to communication, analytics, and usability to avoid vendor lock-in.


A “one size must fit all” approach to service design forces the hand of businesses to comply with the service provider’s requirements, limiting future integration and deeper controls.

Amazon Pinpoint benefits from the vast array of Machine Learning services provided by AWS, allowing the creation of a robust customer experience solution.


Even with a viable ML strategy, most service providers depend on business data to further improve the AI’s capabilities, which can be time-consuming.

Amazon Pinpoint is built for scalability, with support for a global reach of 100 billion messages and the dependability of AWS storage services to manage customer data securely.


The customer data is stored on third-party servers, which aren’t immune to crashes and cyberattacks, limiting the reliability and availability of the service.

“Rapyder Amazon Pinpoint Service Puts your Business on the Map”

A culmination of more than a decade’s worth of experience in the world of cloud computing and information security, Rapyder has forged a reputation among its clientele.

  • A proud member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), Rapyder has risen among the ranks of the top-rated AWS Certified Consulting Partners in India.
  • Team Rapyder is well-versed in handling businesses of all sizes and business models based on different designs, managing varying workloads and migration requirements they may have.
  • Our core understanding of the subcontinental market space puts Rapyder in a position to not just act as an Amazon Pinpoint service provider but advise you at every step to create the systems integration project a success.
  • We back you up with a continuous loop of back-end system optimization for maximum uptime and a strong customer support team to guide you through the process.
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Rapyder is here to help you realize the true potential of your business with smarter marketing communication that Amazon Pinpoint delivers.


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