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Rapyder’s Cloud solutions enhance the
experience of virtual classrooms offered by
edtech companies

We understand the pain points in infrastructure in the field of education better than anyone else. Whether it be provisioning secure storage, hosting an educational ERP on infrastructure, implementing an LMS, or even provisioning flawless VDI, Rapyder is here to help you.

Cloud solution is gaining traction in the education sector

Education sector has significantly changed in the recent past, from brick and mortar classrooms and textbooks to the virtual world of computers and mobile devices. Evidently, technology has enabled a connection between students, educational resources and peers, irrespective of distance and continents. This noteworthy development was possible only with cloud computing.

Rapyder’s cloud solutions for Education

As an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS, Rapyder has high level cloud competencies, with consulting services offerings for edtech and educational organisations to,

  • Enable cloud computing adoption, migration and overall digital transformation, while ensuring the experience is both
  • Develop cloud-enabled applications for quick and reliable data processing and analysis capabilities.
  • Support to convert data and ideas through AI/ML capabilities.
  • Design and architect the required infrastructure solutions for all applications.
  • Optimize the utilization of IT resources with managed services and serverless computing.

Rapyder’s service portfolio for Edtech customers

We offer various service models including, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS that are flexible and user-friendly

Cloud Migration Consulting
and Strategy
Cloud Migration Consulting
and Strategy

We partner with edtech companies to
understand the latter’s requirement and plan the migration to cloud or add value to the already existing cloud deployment, to develop cloud strategy.

Cloud Migration and
Cloud Migration and

Provide complete support to migrate our customers’ apps and applications to cloud from their current location.
We ensure clients leverage all benefits of migration to cloud, including the
deployment of cloud infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Consulting
AWS Cloud Consulting

We support by developing robust and scalable cloud solutions to edtech
customers to enhance the teaching and learning experience.


We build relevant applications and deploy them by automating client’s
infrastructure and configuration


Our managed services include,
continuous optimization, security,
ongoing monitoring and 24X7 support.

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The Rapyder advantage

Rapyder partners with organisations to provide relevant cloud services upon identifying the latter’s business and operational needs. We effectively optimize the cloud infrastructure to help clients to manage their costs, resources and availability in addition to regularly measuring performance.

Seamless, Secure and Scalable

Connectivity between teachers and students as they utilize collaboration solutions offered on the cloud.

Easy Accessibility

Cloud-based lessons by both teachers and students on their own devices, across multiple classrooms.

Increased Agility and Innovation

Adapting to changing needs and regulations at a fast pace, leveraging smart analytics and AI technologies for improved innovation.

Shareability and Trackability

Files and lessons can also be done effortlessly.

Cloud security is Rapyder’s top priority

Our intelligent cloud security system covers,

  • Network security
  • Data security
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud Access Security

Rapyder supports the cause of – Right to Education to all

Learning from anywhere, anytime is certainly going to be the new paradigm in the education ecosystem. Rapyder, being an established player in cloud services firmly believes that cloud has revolutionized education. Being highly scalable and with creation of virtual resources, cloud computing will continue to have a significant impact on the education sector.

Rapyder also supports the cause of bridging the ‘digital divide’ thereby ensuring access and right to education to all.

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