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Cloud eCommerce or Serverless eCommerce” include leveraging a set of remote servers hosted on the internet to store and process data while providing a specific service. The particular application can be a transfer of tangible and intangible products.

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Compared to traditional on-premise and shared models of eCommerce, the Cloud model provides a wide range of benefits such as reduced complexity, lower maintenance cost, scalability with auto-scaling functionality, improved security, agility, and readymade ISV solutions to take your business to the next level of digital transformation. These salient features enabled cloud eCommerce to be the most preferred solution to adopt.

The e-commerce systems provide ready and tailor-made custom solutions to enable product/ service listings, inventory management, payments, Data analytics, and involvement of AI/ML for data-oriented business-growth decisions. To succeed as an eCommerce business, you need an edge in technology and manage the Cloud efficiently.

Common problems faced without Serverless E-Commerce infrastructure

  1. Scaling – Scaling the resources as needed can be a challenge in an on-prem environment. For example, traffic spikes. 
  2. Convenience– Maintenance and upgrading of on-prem systems can be a challenging and expensive option.
  3. Flexibility– Flexibility in expanding the solution. 
  4. Speed, Availability, and Performance – Matters in SEO, User experience, Reputation, and conversion.
  5. Cost savings– On-premise can become an expensive option based on business scaling.
  6. Disaster Recovery and Data Backup- Aversion of adverse situations
  7. Security– Maintaining separate teams and tracking breaches and other incidents is a difficult chore
  8. Compliances– Data and other compliances can become a nightmare.

Common problems faced by E-Commerce with Cloud

  1. Finding a reliable cloud service partner– Finding a reliable cloud service provider is hard for migration and end-to-end services. Rapyder can fill this gap; many customers can vouch for service satisfaction.
  2. Domain Expertise- Adopting Cloud can become a nightmare for inexperienced teams using complicated services.
  3. Initial Adoption Costs- Sometimes, initial adoption costs accumulate due to unoptimized frameworks.
  4. App Modernization- Legacy and other conflicting issues with customer Applications and Databases.

Common problems faced by E-Commerce while adopting Cloud

  1. Visibility of Existing Infrastructure- Understanding and visibility of the existing resources can be challenging.
  2. Planning a framework- The right services, timing, and place with minimal downtime is a puzzle game an infra team must endure.
  3. Cost and Performance Optimization – Addition of unneeded resources, not upgrading to open source and free license offerings, open vulnerabilities, and choice of suitable resource addition.
  4. Disaster Recovery and Backup Setup– Once a scenario arises, a proper backup cycle and SOP on recovery is a common challenge any business faces while adopting Cloud.
  5. Security Setup- Conducting audits, real-time alerts, managing adverse procedures, supplementary services, vulnerability, and threat detection and removal usually requires a specialized management team.
  6. Auxiliary Service Adoption- Finding the best provider in security, cost optimization, and other analytics is challenging for eCommerce entities.

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How cloud provides a vantage position to Serverless E-Commerce infrastructure?

  1. Auto-Scaling – Helps to scale the infrastructure as per need and pay only for what you use.
  2. Convenience and options for management – OEM environments provide readymade packages and the tech stack required for faster development, including DevOps.
  3. Agility and Flexibility – Flexible with services, Agile in development.
  4. Availability and Performance – The Cloud boasts the highest availability rates of the competition.
  5. Cost savings on Hardware, Software licenses, and Data – No more worries here; many choices are available.
  6. Disaster Recovery and Data Backup – Had an outage? Don’t worry. The Cloud can help you avoid such undesirable situations and recover quickly if it happens.
  7. Security – Avert Security breaches with Cloud’s specialized offerings from OEMs and Partners.
  8. Compliances – No more worries here, as OEM clouds comply with most data protection laws.

Supplement services for E-Commerce


Rapyder helps you facilitate all such modern facilities, including extended cloud security services such as:

  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Lakes and Warehouses 
  • IoT
  • Database Modernization
  • Blockchain and more as the need arises

The search for reliable Cloud and MS Partner

Any business, including eCommerce, requires a service partner who fulfills the infrastructure needs with the utmost care. 

However, at a time, without themselves knowing, businesses fall into the hands of service providers with little expertise or are a middleman to service providers. In both scenarios, companies lose their valuable money, effort, and time in chasing this endless process.

Rapyder is the solution to such expensive experiments.

The Start, Sustenance, and Stop

Planning for migration– The methods for new and existing cloud e-commerce businesses can vary based on the architecture. We can support you whether you want to create a unique environment or migrate existing infrastructure to Cloud. As a cherry on top, you can opt for our Architecture Review and Licensing Optimization services for better infrastructure and cost reduction. 

Maintenance of existing structure – OEM partners and customers rated our cloud-managed services as one of the best. Our 24*7*365 dedicated customer support will handle any unexpected situation with minimal downtime and conveniently for the customer. We will alert you on the security threats, cost reports, adverse system dynamics, optimization suggestions, and more for a smooth progression in Cloud.

Exiting Cloud– This scenario is rare since most businesses quickly realize the benefits. However, Rapyder can completely support your migration to a new environment if an imminent drop from Cloud is needed.

Our 6 steps of successful Cloud Adoption and associated Costs & Time

  1. Discovery & Strategy: Let us assess the requirement and devise a cloud migration strategy.
  2. Proof of Concept: We do a sample migration for you to check and understand.
  3. Data Migration– Migration of your data to the Cloud
  4. Application Migration– Migration of your applications to the Cloud
  5. Cloud Transition– Completion and finalization of cloud adoption.
  6. Run & Optimize: We run and monitor the infrastructure for you and give suggestions on 360-degree cloud optimization.
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Most common services adopted by E-Commerce

During our extensive stint working with the eCommerce industry following are the most commonly opted services by eCommerce.

  • WAR and Licensing optimization
  • Managed Services
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing and Messaging Services

Best practice tips for Cloud Adoption

If you are starting fresh with Cloud, avail yourself of our FREE KYA services to understand the best possible solution to be implemented. If your business is already on the Cloud, avail of our WAR and Licensing Optimization services. Our clients achieved up to 90% infrastructure cost reduction in a few months.

Why choose Rapyder for Full-Stack Cloud Adoption in E-Commerce?

Here at Rapyder ( ISO Certified ), we help clients develop the best cloud strategy for their eCommerce business case, create a roadmap, and develop a solution that best fits their business needs. Whether they need cloud readiness assessment or infrastructure setup, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance, we are here to help every step of the way.

However, you will also need a partner to offer you the best Cloud. As cloud eCommerce business grows, the need for more visibility and data-driven decisions becomes crucial and a lifeline for progress.

We are a pool of 100+ experts with extensive experience with the eCommerce domain directly partnered with Amazon AWS, Microsoft, and other OEMs.

24*7 Customer Support

Our NPS 9+ rated 24*7*365 service is always available to you as a customer with a dedicated team for clients opted for managed services. We have structured our team so you can focus on business with minimal service interruptions possible.


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