AWS Managed Cloud Service Case Study: Travel Firm Achieved Cost Saving

AWS Case Study for Travel Travel provider increases uptime and reduces its cloud spend
AWS Case Study for Travel Travel provider increases uptime and reduces its cloud spend

29 August 2019

About The Client

Our Customer is a leader in the travel industry assisting its Customers making smart travel plans as a one-stop shopping place for all their travel needs. From a small travel agency, more than 5 decades ago, they have expanded exponentially, becoming one of the largest travel companies in India with multiple offices world-wide.

The Challenge

Our Customer, already on AWS Cloud, was in an expansion phase. During peak hours and heavy workloads, their applications stopped responding to user requests leading to frequent service outages resulting in a potential revenue loss for the organization. With the internal teams not well versed with the Cloud technologies,the architecture was inefficient due to best practices not followed, and there were limitations in dealing with simultaneous failures or traffic congestions. Also, as there was no monitoring enabled of their PaaS service, hence doing performance optimization was very tedious.

The Solution

After taking over the Managed Services, the AWS certified engineers at Rapyder introduced several processes and procedures to assist alleviate the Customer\’s pain points:

  • 24x7x365 Failure Response Process: Continuously monitoring, Online ticketing service and alarms were handled directly by iNOC engineers, ultimately leading to fast response time.
  • Monitoring system was setup on cloud, based on customer’s existing environment and demand to continuously monitor all applications in real-time, which in turn improved decision making.
  • Efficient architecture design: Re-Architected different application components to make them scalable and introduced Auto-heal concepts at AWS Cloud & client services level.
  • Auto scaling of app components were implemented.
  • Centralized logging & Alerting system was put in place to identify application issues.
  • Access mechanism was rectified to improve security of the deployment process.
  • Operational processes were streamlined for smoother operations on data access.
  • Automation on build deployment was put in place.
  •  Implementation of security framework to enable development team’s focus on business prospectus and not on operational hazards.
  • Creation of fail-safe cloud operating environment by implementing scheduled backups and automatic restores in case of data-loss.
  • Audit trails maintained for every activity performed on the infrastructure for operational transparency.

The Benefits

  • Since moving under the Rapyder Managed Services portfolio, the Customer’s average disruption time, which previously was 10 days in a Business year (approx. 97% SLA), was reduced to 52 minutes (approx. 99.99% SLA) in a Business year, thus making 99.99% of service availability a reality.
  • Customer was able to operate their frequently growing workloads reliably without any system downtime or issues.
  • Our Client reduced its monthly AWS infrastructure operating costs by 12% consolidating idle resources and introducing AWS RI Model. Add optimization of resources also.

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