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Free Cost Assessment

Rapyder offers cost assessment services that help you cut costs on your cloud journey. To achieve success in the cloud environment, organizations need to assess their strength and weakness, avoid overspending, optimize performance with help from a comprehensive assessment from cloud experts.

Our experts thoroughly analyze your infrastructure and provide a comprehensive workload assessment to show you which cloud type, provider, resource provisioning are best suited for your workload, budget, and business growth.

Free Cloud Consultation 

Whether you are already on the public cloud or just considering a transition, Rapyder Cloud Solution, a born-in cloud consultation company, will always help you experience a hassle-free cloud migration journey.

As a dedicated cloud partner for AWS and AZURE, we assist our customers with various Cloud consultation services. Our tailor-made services offer you the luxury of reducing IT resources and costs and ensure that businesses leverage comprehensive cloud benefits, including high reliability, security, optimal performance, and more.


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Free Know Your Architecture

Rapyder has introduced the Know Your Architecture program specifically designed for businesses to help them analyze their present architecture and risk involved, determine the type of software & tools required for their cloud environment, and accordingly outline their IT objectives. 

As part of this service, our expert team engages in 1:1 discussion to understand your current AWS architecture stack, immediate concerns, and future roadmap. Thus, it would also help you with necessary solutions in remediating any inconsistency. 

Overall, this program would help start leaders to analyze their AWS stack, discover inconsistency, design a clear migration strategy and Cloud model for their IT infrastructure, enabling their business run better on AWS environment.

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Know Your Architecture

Free Cloud Credits

Several cloud providers offer startups the much-needed resources to get started on public clouds, such as cloud credits. Users can redeem these credits to access public cloud services for free, such as building a website or creating an application or a service.

When you use a substantial amount of cloud workload in your organization, Rapyder might prove to be a good choice. Rapyder supports all your cloud computing needs at the most competitive cost. It helps organizations reduce and optimize their cloud service to obtain the most efficient public cloud environment possible.

Connect with us to learn how Rapyder provides you with valuable insights into your cost expenditures with various services and tools.

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