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The Craziest Offer You Have Never Seen Before!

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

-Guy Kawasaki

You already know that about 95% of startups business tends to fail in the long run. With wide-ranging changes, companies need to continuously plan for opportunities in the new normal of the Covid19 world. Due to this, many startups are increasingly moving to Cloud solutions.

Money is not the only thing startups risk losing; there could be many other scenarios that cause damage to your business, such as:

  • Losing consumer trust
  • Data breaches and data loss
  • Decreased brand value, and many more

These unwanted scenarios cause amongst the uses and business owners alike. Many brands have lost their hard-earned loyal customers with these issues, which can be avoided if they better comprehend the cloud beforehand.

Only someone with the experience and foresight will be able to warn and help on such growth hindering and potentially detrimental side of the tech landscape. We know that you are more than capable of handling the business aspect. But what about the technology landscape? Rapyder comes for rescue here.

You might be excited to know that Rapyder, an AWS Advanced cloud consulting partner, has a proposal you shouldn’t and can’t miss for enhancing your infrastructure to a whole new level?

Rapyder has tailored an exceptional offer for the elite minds who mould our country. The offer is only open to a privileged group that we believe can bring futuristic changes today. Our Cloud services are unlocked to unleash your dreams now with the following benefits.

Some of the customized services we offer you are: 

  • Cloud Migration: Migrating and provisioning your new or existing infrastructure to the cloud with minimal downtime with scalability using auto-scaling groups.
  • Cloud adoption: Guidelines and mentorship on how to successfully adopt cloud for startups.
  • Cloud Security: Extending your security towards Network, Data, Event logs, Security Management, Governance and Compliance, Identity and Access Management, Cloud Access Security, and many more.
  • DevOps Services: Streamlining the development and deployment processes around the DevOps Tool Chain, Enterprise Tooling, Deployment Architecture, and Container Strategy.
  • End-User Computing: Managing and securing cloud desktop services for startups to enterprises, enabling thousands of workplace access worldwide employees.
  • Well-Architected Review: Providing well-defined architecture for your cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum performance, availability, scalability, and security while maintaining cost optimization and other best practices.
  • Free promotional credits: For startups, the AWS Activate program and Free promotional credits are worth $5000*.
  • Additional support: Additional Two months of free support included if startups sign up for one year of infra provisioning and Managed Services.
  • Free support: Three months of free help from our partners on security and Cost optimization.
  • Advanced PinPoint Support: Added advanced PinPoint Support to make sure communication at all level go smooth
  • 24*7 support: 24*7 fully certified cloud engineers providing 360-degree full-stack cloud services for any scalable and future demands.
  • Free KYA included: Startups that need DevOps platforms? We got you covered there as well, with an additional 10% off on setup with a free KYA session.

We know of no other IT & ITeS firms in this industry who provide such an offer, only one more reason to choose Rapyder.

Contact Us today to accelerate the growth and transform your dream, which depends on you for exponential growth by futuristic cloud adoption and bringing a new level of synergy.

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*Promotional credits are not guaranteed and reserved at Rapyder’s discretion.