How Is Rapyder Different From Other AWS Cloud Consulting Partners?

How Is Rapyder Different From Other AWS Cloud Consulting Partners
March 2, 2022

What is Cloud Adoption?

In the pandemic era and the fast-growing digital transformation, Cloud Adoption is a savior in disguise. It is a strategy used by businesses to improve the scalability of their organization while keeping the data safe and secure, reducing cost, mitigating the risks, reducing the downtime by a large scale resulting in improved performance.

Did you know? 

research conducted in 2021 states 50% of the software applications being developed are Cloud-based, another 30% are expected to migrate to the cloud within the next two years.


Now that we have discussed what Cloud adoption is, now let us look some of the major benefits provided by Cloud adoption. Here is the list:

  1. Pay-As-You-Go
  2. Data Security
  3. Scalability
  4. Flexibility
  5. Easy Upgrade
  6. Business Continuity

What sets Rapyder apart?

Experience and knowledge are the two key things that sets Rapyder apart from other cloud service providers. Rapyder’s leadership team consists of professionals with an average experience of 9 years, who are dedicated, passionate, and have established themselves in the industry. The team has completed 40 projects per consultant, on an average, and we have built a solid team to ensure the clients are always in safe hands.

Managed services are two words thrown together, but it is profound for us. Managed services on the Cloud from Rapyder means complete outsourcing. Clients can breathe easily after contracting all their AWS cloud management worries to us.

The team at Rapyder weaves simple warmth, trust, and customer focus in each man-hour. The Managed Services team has saved massive amounts, close to INR 12 cr, per year, through the right advice to the AWS users clients. Cost optimization is not a theory but an impact delivered in rupee.

Rapyder believes in old-school principles, going a little out of the way and providing our clients with a better user experience to run a smooth business. Therefore, we have gone the extra mile to execute the “value additions” at no cost.

How is Rapyder different from other Cloud Service Providers?

A born in cloud company, started its Cloud journey with just five members, dedicated all the services as an AWS Cloud Service Provider, sets apart an impression to have made it big in a span of just five years’ time.

1. An agile work culture – The work culture at Rapyder is fast-paced, and our team works with excellent efficiency. Rapyder works with one objective: to make it easier to focus on their business goals without having to worry about their cloud infrastructure. To make that happen, a fast and quick work pace is maintained.

2. Have Cloud-certified engineers – Rapyder has a team of AWS-certified professionals who are experienced and certified. The team has vast knowledge and expertise in cloud migration and adoption.
The team comprises of a high number of certified engineers, about 110+, with the increasing day by day as we conduct certified training sessions for the employees.

3. Achieved 3 AWS Competencies – Over a span of 5 years, the hard and smart work has earned us three different competencies from AWS –

  • DevOps Consulting Competency
  • Microsoft Workloads Consulting Competency
  • Digital Workplace Consulting Competency.

4. Obtained 9 Service Delivery Validations – With an expert team of certified professionals and Solutions Architect, delivering services timely, with precision and expertise, got us a total of 9 service delivery validations –

  • Amazon RDS Delivery
  • Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Delivery
  • AWS WAF Delivery
  • AWS Config
  • AWS Database Migration Service Delivery
  • AWS Lambda Delivery
  • Amazon API Gateway Delivery
  • Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery
  • Amazon CloudFront Delivery.

5. Two new offerings launched – Having helped customers with all the offerings we offer, the journey of moving ahead must not stop. With that motive within us, we decided to launch two new offerings –

  • DevOps with Control Tower
  • Digital User Engagement & Analytics with Pinpoint.

6. Offers different Cloud services – Dedicating our services to cloud-only, we provide a range of the primary services that we have expertise in and have helped our customers ease their journey on cloud –

  • Cloud Consultation,
  • Cloud Migration,
  • Cloud Security,
  • Database Migration,
  • DevOps Automation,
  • Managed Cloud Services,
  • Serverless Computing,
  • Well-Architected Framework.

7. Partnered with well-known security providers for providing better Cloud security – Cloud security is one of our core services, and we focus on security before going ahead with anything else. We have partnered with well-known security providers to deliver secured Cloud solutions to our all our customers.

8. Served well-known companies – Rapyder has a huge database of customers. The way we work and invest our time to understand the customer architecture and issues regarding it, then come up with a unique solution for each, differentiates us. We have had a range of clients from different industries like EdTech, FinTech, Gaming industry. We offer a variety of cloud services across all industry segments like Startups, SMB, Enterprise.

9. Provides 24*7 customer services – A cloud infrastructure may suffer a crash or any sort of inconvenience in the middle of the night, and no one in the organization would know what to do next. The team from Rapyder can help you with just that with our 24*7 help desk, knowing how to manage or handle a crash and letting the business suffer near to no downtime. This saves the company from suffering a huge loss.


Rapyder has been awarded as the AWS Consulting Partner Of The Year – 2021, which is a milestone that not most companies can achieve in a span of just five years. The expertise, experience, and knowledge within the company helps us go a long way. Our objective has always been to understand our customer’s business motive, requirements, and goals and help them achieve their business goals without worrying about the cloud infrastructure.

Wish to run your business and have a smooth journey on cloud? Get in touch with us; we will make that happen for you!

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