Top 5 Hottest Technical Skills In Demand In 2021 and Beyond

While the global disruption has devastating consequences for many industries, it has had its silver lining for the tech job market. As businesses reorient their strategies and reinvent their technology stacks, tech skill demand factors are undergoing massive changes. The availability of the right technology skill sets will be instrumental for enterprises in the post-COVID […]

Monitoring and Alerting for AWS Resiliency: Best Practices

Contributed by: Chetan Malhotra Monitoring and alerting are crucial components of maintaining the resilience of applications and infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Timely detection and incident response are vital to minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance. This article explores the best practices for monitoring and alerting AWS environments, empowering organizations to respond effectively to […]

Best Practices to Follow While Adopting Multi-Cloud Strategies

Multi-cloud refers to using multiple cloud computing services from different providers in a hybrid infrastructure. This approach allows organizations to take advantage of different cloud providers’ unique features and capabilities, avoid vendor lock-in and reduce dependency on a single provider. Multi-cloud provides greater flexibility and choice when selecting the best cloud services for different workloads […]

Building Resilient Architectures on AWS: Best Practices & Strategies

Contributed by: Chetan Malhotra In the current era of digital advancements, ensuring the reliability and availability of applications and services is of paramount importance. A competent platform that offers resilient infrastructure and services to accomplish this is  Amazon Web Services (AWS). This blog post will explore the best practices and strategies for building resilient architectures […]

AWS Security Services: IAM, S3, CloudTrail

Written by Chetan Melhotra With the advent of Cloud Computing, individuals, enterprises, and large organizations are migrating towards the Cloud. AWS Cloud is the most popular cloud service provider, supporting over 100 services. Misconfigurations are common, and AWS is an attractive attack vector due to its complexity and ubiquity. However, the variety of security services […]

7 Best Practices For Reducing Your Cloud Bills

Cloud is evolving and growing in every industry for all its benefits. Cost optimization is a way to reduce the total cloud cost by only charging for used services, discarding waste, and using necessary resources for the organization. The cost-effectiveness of computing services is determined by the features it provides. Cloud has been a cost […]

What Is MultiCloud Infrastructure? Why is it gaining more popularity among enterprises?

Sectors like Fintech, EdTech, GameTech, HealthTech and various others are already thriving with services and platforms introduced by Cloud. The use of the Cloud is an ongoing trend, but recently the rise in the use of MultiCloud infrastructure has also come into the limelight and significance. This blog covers all the crucial aspects in which Multi-Cloud Architecture functions and […]


It was fascinating to get ready, pack bags, and go to school every morning as a ritual of developing moral values and educating ourselves. In contrast, today’s definition of tutoring holds a different meaning in terms of education technology. The profound association between Technology and Education is introducing young students to various brimming opportunities and […]

Why Compliance Assessment And Remediation Need To Complement Each Other?

Compliance assessment has become critical for many industries, with the proliferation of global regulations and targeted cyberattacks leading to data leaks costing companies millions of dollars. Industries like baking, finance, and healthcare that deal with personally identifiable information (PII) need to strictly adhere to compliance rules to ensure the safekeeping of customer data. DID YOU […]