The Growing Demand for Cloud Computing professionals 2021

To build their digital presence and stay updated with changing market needs, during these pandemic times, every business is leveraging cloud resources. “Digital-first” is the latest buzz word for every business. With every business choosing a digital-first approach cloud computing needs have seen an accelerated growth. Moving businesses to the cloud has become the “new normal.”

Cloud Computing has most definitely emerged as one of the most revolutionary technologies after the Internet. Without Cloud Computing, the world wouldn’t be the same and several tech giants wouldn’t have reached the pinnacle of their success without it.

Enabling cloud services gives faster access to resources stored, ease of access, pay as you scale subscriptions have all paved the way for further technological advancements. A latest survey by LinkedIn also suggests that Cloud Computing is the most important skill set that companies across the world are seeking.

Cloud Computing Is Redefining Businesses

Cloud Computing, before the Covid-19 havoc had made companies understand the long-term benefits of cloud computing. But the Covid-19 pandemic has made businesses take notice that it is one of the most advanced technologies that enables the workforce to work not just remotely but stay productive as well. The migration toward distance learning and remote working has definitely thrusted the demand for cloud services multifold.

Cloud computing is currently one of the fastest-growing professions. With as much as 90% of the businesses across the world choosing cloud services, most organisations have now increased the spends to more than 33% on Cloud Services. This means that there is an ever-increasing demand for cloud computing experts.

IT Security has now become the top most priority for organisations worldwide. A single breach now can lead to potential exposure to customer data, steal valuable intellectual property and also damage a company’s reputation for not being data-safe. This also has led to organisations hiring individuals who are skilled and are experts in Cloud Services.

In the Covid-19 times, industries like IT, FMCG, healthcare, education have sought more cloud computing than ever before and this will definitely grow further in the coming days.

Cloud Computing Seeks Skilled Experts

There has been a massive disruptive shift from the in-house servers to moving to a more flexible, scalable cloud-based system. The most in-demand cloud platforms are AWS by Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, SAP, Rackspace Cloud, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform.

Some of the most in-demand profiles are Cloud Developer, Cloud Security Engineer, SysOps Administrator, Front-end developer, Back-end Developer, Development Operations Engineer, Solutions Architect, Cloud Security Specialist, Cloud Migration Specialist etc.

In order to remain relevant during this perpetually changing landscape, staying on top of the new trends and developments has become the need of the hour for cloud experts. Some of the key skills that most organisations are looking for in a cloud expert are cloud migration and deployment, experience of handling multi-cloud ecosystems, database skills, programming skills, and DevOps.

If you are a cloud engineer, having a thorough knowledge of how the cloud can help enterprises plan, design, implement, deploy and maintain the cloud is a top priority.

A SysOps or Cloud Administrator is a cloud expert with sound experience in the cloud ecosystem. Be it system management, troubleshooting within multiple cloud ecosystems, if he/she is a cloud expert, then knowledge about operating systems, scripting languages, configuration management, and how to monitor cloud environments are must-have skills.

The next in-demand role is a Cloud Security Specialist. Security is one of the top most concerns for all enterprises regardless of the size of employees. Although not every business can afford to build their own cloud infrastructure, these enterprises heavily depend on cloud service providers to fulfil their cloud computing requirements. Cloud Security specialists can keep your enterprise’s cloud repository safe, assess threats, resolve them beforehand, keep track changes made during cloud configuration and any other cloud related security operations.

How to learn Cloud Computing Skills? 

There are different accreditation programmes, certifications available online in cloud computing if you wish to upskill. AWS certifications offers about 12 certifications, Microsoft Azure offers 12 certifications with 14 exams, and Google Cloud offers 10 certifications that can give your career the much needed boost during these pandemic times. Few other abilities that may soon see the growth in Cloud Computing is Serverless programming, Server management, AI & Machine learning, Cloud data backup and recovery, Full Stack Development etc. The career prospects in Cloud Computing is set to grow at 30% annual growth rate in India by 2022 and create more than a million jobs in India alone.

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