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AWS Serverless Computing Services

What is Serverless Computing

Modern Cloud computing has become key to meeting today’s demands of quality, cost and speed. With organizations shifting from on-premise or co-located solutions well underway, the ability to architect a cloud-based solution for agility becomes a key competitive differentiator. Serverless computing enables an Organization to concentrate on differentiating application code, rather than managing middleware, infrastructure and other commodities. The developer maintains focus only at the code (or a function), and AWS takes care about all the resources needed to run the code.

The message is clear – focus on code; not the servers.

Why go Serverless



Precise scaling upon requisition, with the size of the workload

Cost Effective

Uses pay as you go model which creates sizable savings in cost

No Servers

Avoid the hassle of managing servers

High Availability

Resources are readily present at hand due to the highly available nature

Trigger other services

Seamlessly integrate with other AWS services through events

Detailed Monitoring

Monitor application activity such as API calls, latency, errors

Why Rapyder?

Cloud Architects at Rapyder are experts in Serverless solutions based on Amazon Web Services and we have created highly secure and scalable solutions for our Customers that do not require investments in technological infrastructure. As a result, our Customers have been able to focus on development of their applications without the need to occupy time or invest money to host these solutions.

Let us help you increase your engineering velocity!