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Powering Financial Institutions through cloud solutions

Cloud solutions have become increasingly popular in the financial services industry due to their scalability, cost-efficiency, and ability to streamline operations while maintaining security and compliance.

The future of top-tier banking belongs to those who leverage the rapid pace of innovation. Partnering with a cloud provider can help chart your course to triumph, speeding up your digital evolution and delivering tangible value to your customers.

Revolutionizing Financial Services with Rapyder Cloud Solutions

The financial industry has been at the forefront of digital investments, but effectively modernizing services and infrastructure has become increasingly challenging. Rapyder, in collaboration with AWS, offers industry expertise, software engineering prowess, agile transformation, modern digital tools, and secure, compliant, resilient global cloud infrastructure and services to empower financial institutions, from traditional banks to fintech startups, to succeed and expand.

Business Advantages  

1. Enhance Operational Efficiency and Foster Agility

Optimize your IT workloads, including high-performance computing and core systems, to cultivate a more cost-efficient, agile enterprise.

2. Drive Innovation and Expedite Time-to-Market

Accelerate the transition from concept to execution by leveraging an extensive array of services and solutions offered by our partner community.

3. Deliver Personalized and Seamless Experiences

Utilize the power of AI and ML, along with valuable data insights, to revolutionize experiences for customers, employees, intermediaries, and other stakeholders.

4. Ensure Scalable Security and Regulatory Compliance

Instill confidence in your operations by building on the foundation of the most secure cloud infrastructure, while accessing a wide range of resources to meet global security and compliance standards.

Technical advantages 

1. Auto-Scaling– Only pay for what you use and scale the infrastructure as per need. 

2. Convenience and options for management: Readymade packages from OEM environments and the tech stack for quick development inclusive of DevOps. 

3. Agility and Flexibility– Agile development and flexible services.

4. Availability and Performance- The cloud is known to have one of the highest availability rates compared to the competition.

5. Cost savings on Hardware, Software licenses, and DataYou are spoiled with options for customization with the cloud. 

6. Disaster Recovery and Data BackupForget data and service outages; we can ensure the industry’s best backup and recovery plans.

7. Security- Enjoy the abundance of proven and capable partners and native security from cloud technology. 

8. Compliances- OEM clouds are natively compliant with critical data protection laws. 

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Reinventing the future of financial services with Rapyder

Rapyder is a leading cloud consulting provider specialized in serving the financial services sector. Our comprehensive suite of offerings spans data, analytics, software, and services, empowering clients to execute their business strategies with confidence.

At the nexus of financial services and technology, Rapyder pioneers innovative solutions, enabling our clients to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation. We do this by providing a wide array of services and partner solutions, all while adapting seamlessly to evolving regulatory requirements.

We have a proven track record of helping a wide range of financial services organizations, including rapidly-growing fintech companies and large-scale institutions, redefine their future using our customized cloud solutions.

Capabilities We Thrive On

Most financial institutions we have worked with have chosen the following services to cater to their needs. 

For a greenfield account, start with our free consultation service. On understanding the objective of the business and assorted details, our team can present a well-suited cloud strategy within 24-72 hours, depending on the requirements. We have observed that many of our fintech customers focus on DevOps strategies and App and database modernization to match the go-to-market and customer satisfaction KPIs. All factors considered, our clients typically see a 10 – 30% saving. 

Supplement Services for Banking and Other Financial Services

  • Omni-Channel Marketing and Messaging 
  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Banking & FinTech 
  • Big Data  
  • Data Lakes and Warehouses  
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Internet of Things ( IoT ) 
  • Application Modernization 
  • Banking Database Modernization 
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) 
  • Blockchain and more as the need arise. 

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Our NPS 9+ rated 24*7*365 dedicated cloud services are always available to you as a managed services customer. We have structured our team so you can focus on business continuity with negligible service interruptions possible. Get in touch with our industry-leading experts and embark on your AWS Cloud transformation journey today. Whether your aim is to introduce automation, ensure consistency, predict outcomes, or enhance visibility in your software release processes, we have the expertise to assist you.