Who Is A Next-Gen AWS Managed Services Partner?

Next-Gen AWS Managed Services Partners:

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular on-demand cloud computing platforms. Due to its popularity, AWS grew exponentially and now has an active user base of over 1,000,000. In addition to its setup, Amazon has launched its AWS Managed Services Partners program. The program aims to ensure that each of its customers has a dedicated manager to tend to all their needs through Amazon partner companies.

AWS Managed Services Partners are located globally, powering users with the right cloud solutions and helping them set up and manage their cloud infrastructure.

For example, a travel provider reduced their average disruption time from 10 days in a business year (approx. 97% SLA) to 52 minutes (approx. 99.99% SLA). The AWS partner managed their cloud infrastructure services to help them achieve a 99.99% service availability. (Read this Case Study)

But despite the many advantages, many users cannot visualize who these partners are and why they need a managed services partner. And those who do are unsure how to choose the right AWS Managed Services Partners who will truly understand their business goals.

In this article, we will talk about Managed Services Partners. From what it is, why you need them to help you with all your distinct cloud requirements, and how you can choose the right AWS consulting partner for your business, we got it all covered.

Who are AWS Managed Services Partners?

Simply put, AWS partner companies or, as commonly called, managed service providers (MSP) are third-party service providers. They are responsible for daily handling your IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems on the cloud platform. This is typically done on a proactive basis and a subscription model.

An AWS consulting partner is an MSP that fulfills the stringent requirements of Amazon Web Services to make the service provider highly reliable.

AWS Managed Services Partners are expected to remain informed of every new trend and the latest features of a cloud platform. They have detailed industry knowledge, giving users an in-depth understanding of leveraging the technology to achieve their goals and providing consultation.

Today, 83% of businesses have moved to a cloud platform from a traditional hosting service. And as the numbers increase, hiring an experienced AWS partner can help make the transition a seamless experience.

AWS Managed Services Partners are committed to following three key principles:

  1. Instead of just being a service provider that handles service requests as they come in, partners build a relationship with the user as a trusted advisor. While providing consulting and advisory services, AWS partner companies also educate their customers.
  2. To establish themselves as industry experts and help their customers make the most out of the cloud, an AWS advanced consulting partner continually works with specialists to train their in-house talent to strengthen their industry knowledge further.
  3. AWS premier partners advocate using cloud services proactively and how customers can do more with the cloud. Amazon partner companies make it a point to educate their customers on how AWS isn’t just an operating system but can also solve their application-level requirements.

Why Choose An AWS Managed Services Partner?

AWS has robust features – multiple service types, custom API, and a comprehensive pricing model. Hiring an in-house talent to research and understand AWS and its ecosystem specifically and build and manage your cloud environment can be expensive and time-consuming.

Furthermore, with the cloud infrastructure continually evolving to fit new business requirements, training the in-house talent is also important. This doesn’t just make staying on top of these changes difficult and adds to the cost of managing the cloud infrastructure.
Instead, businesses are better off hiring AWS Managed Services Partners who can manage your cloud system and dedicate time to handling your requirements.

An AWS premium partner manages your cloud infrastructure – from migration to management, allowing you to focus on the business. Since the AWS advanced consulting partner is solely focused on the cloud infrastructure, it also becomes easier for them to remain current with the latest industry changes. This enables them to inform you about the best features your business can leverage.

In addition to industry knowledge, an AWS consulting partner will ensure that your cloud infrastructure is always well-optimized. They monitor cloud usage and performance on a day-to-day basis to ensure all your processes perform well. At the same time, an AWS premium partner will equip your infrastructure with all the security requirements. So as their customer, you don’t have to set aside an additional amount to secure your cloud platform. You can rely on them for it!

But all the above benefits come when you choose the right AWS Managed Services Partners.

Choosing the Right AWS Managed Services Partner

It’s important to pick the right service provider for your cloud computing needs. A verified and reliable AWS consulting partner will be informed of the latest industry changes and will be known to prioritize timely support and cloud monitoring. They should focus on closely monitoring your cloud infrastructure to ensure your systems run smoothly.

So when picking AWS Managed Services Partners, you should go beyond just reading their reviews and ratings. Get on a call with them to understand if they can fulfill your business needs, help you achieve your business goals, and suit your resources.

An AWS consulting partner will take the time to explain the product to you. They will also help you visualize how every feature benefits your business, helping you make an informed decision.

We at Rapyder are AWS Advanced partners, providing premium Consulting services. We ensure businesses don’t have to look too far for their changing cloud computing needs. Right from quick, reliable, and secure migration to AWS to helping businesses re-engineer their AWS infrastructure, our end-to-end services and expert technical account managers take care of it all. All while you focus on one thing – building and growing your business.

We know that shifting to AWS can be overwhelming. That’s why we work with you closely to build and manage your infrastructure on the cloud, keeping your spending optimized for maximum returns. Our customers trust us for complete project management.

Are you looking for a reliable Amazon Web Services plan custom-made to your business and its cloud computing requirements? Rapyder is a trusted Managed Services Partner, powering multiple businesses with cost-effective and high-performing cloud platforms. With real-time updates and instant support, Rapyder provides adaptable, secure, and innovative cloud computing solutions for your business.

Get a free cloud consultation from our experts here at Rapyder.

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