Rapyder’s Cloud Solutions for Educational Institutions and Infrastructure

Rapyder’s AWS Cloud solutions to enhance the performance and availability of educational institutions.

  • Adapting to scalable needs and adoption of new technologies while keeping regulations in check, as per advancement in capability-related needs
  • High initial investment and recurring maintenance costs associated with on-premise infrastructure, scalability, and technological challenges arising with it.
  • Mitigation or elimination of security-related vulnerabilities and disaster-related challenges without compromising on performance
  • The never-ending thirst for high accessibility and 24*7 availability
  • Analytics on all aspects of infrastructure and student-teacher interactions.

Solution & Benefits

Adoption of AWS cloud technologies could be the right solution to mitigate all the problems that could be inhibiting the factors related to your success. By engaging with cloud services tailored for educational institutions, one can game up their educational infrastructure and bring scalability on board.

Adoption of Cloud technology is gaining traction in educational institutions, due to the multifold benefits it brings on table. From traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms and textbooks to the virtual world of computers and mobile devices, technology has enabled connection between students, teachers, and other cardinal stakeholders even if they are states apart.

The enablement of such virtualized infrastructure powered by cloud technology has paved the way for recent transformation of educational institutions helping them achieve these benefits:

  • High availability as compared to traditional systems
  • Better performance while cost savings upto 40%
  • Encryption and securing of data with 24*7 monitoring and logging
  • Scalable, agile, and innovative infrastructure made possible
  • Easy and seamless migration of ERP, LMS, and other associated integration
  • Rapyder ‘s inclusive benefit of OLA. (Optimization and Licensing Agreement)

How Rapyder can help

As an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS, Rapyder has high level cloud competencies. Ranging from cloud consulting to migration and managed service offerings, we offer all the services ever required by educational institutions around the world, for their seamless digital transformation.

From ERPs and LMS to other module systems, all can be integrated to cloud while in compliance with

PCI DSS, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, HIPAA, FERPA, SOC-2, GDPR, and numerous other performance and security-related certificates also.

Additionally, Rapyder also helps develop cloud-enabled applications for quick and reliable data processing and analysis capabilities. It provides support to convert data and ideas through CI/CD, AI/ML capabilities, design and architect the required custom infrastructure solutions for all applications. It also enables optimized utilization of IT resources with Managed Services and Serverless Computing.

Rapyder’s Cloud adoption portfolio for Educational Institutions

We offer various service models including, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and DaaS (VDI) that are flexible and user-friendly.

  • Cloud Migration Consulting and Strategy – We have implemented cloud and partnered with many educational institutions which helps us to understand the exact requirement for developing the right cloud strategy.
  • Cloud Migration and Deployment – We provide holistic support in migrating and maintaining customers’ applications to cloud from their existing environment. We ensure client leverages all benefits coming with cloud.
  • AWS Cloud Consulting Services – We support by developing robust and scalable cloud solutions to educational institutions, enhancing their operability, security, performance and availability while keeping cost considerations.
  • DevOps Automation– We aid in bringing agile environment, encourage continuous integration and continuous deployment to build relevant applications with required functionality,  which contribute to automating client’s infrastructure and configuration management.
  • Managed Solutions – Our managed services include, continuous optimization, security, ongoing monitoring and 24X7 support.
  • Cloud Security: Cloud security is Rapyder’s top priority, covering the following:
    • Network security
    • Data security
    • Security Information and Event Management
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Security Management, Governance, and Compliance

Rapyder supports the cause of Right to Education for all

Learning from anywhere, anytime is certainly going to be the new paradigm in the education ecosystem. Rapyder being an established player in cloud services firmly believes that cloud has revolutionized education. Being highly scalable and with creation of virtual resources, cloud computing will continue to have a significant impact on the education sector.

Apart from the educational institutions, we specialise in digital transformation of EdTech Solutions