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Empower Your Core Business with Rapyder’s Cutting-Edge Azure Managed Services 

Ensuring seamless business continuity in the modern era requires more than just a well-implemented cloud infrastructure. It is the efficient management of the system that guarantees top-quality service, and Rapyder is your promising partner. 

You Manage Your Business While We Manage Your Cloud 

Rapyder offers comprehensive Azure solutions, available 24/7, to customers at every stage of their cloud journey. Whether it’s consulting on initial solution design, application development, or ongoing optimization and support, our Next Generation Managed Services ensure end-to-end Azure excellence. 

Rapyder’s managed cloud services offering enables businesses to prioritize their core competencies while we take care of their IT infrastructure. Our Next Generation Premium Azure Cloud Managed Services & Provider solutions offer a practical approach to managing enterprise cloud environments. With our comprehensive tools and expertise, we expedite your deployments, streamline operations, and empower your team to make data-driven decisions that optimize costs, enhance compliance, and mitigate risks. 

Rapyder's managed cloud services offering

Our Approach to Managed Cloud Services 

At Rapyder, we deeply understand our client’s unique business requirements and recognize emerging technologies’ profound influence on their operations. Our goal is to deliver cost-effective services and solutions that facilitate business transformation and enhance the overall customer experience. Through our expertise and innovative approaches, we strive to empower our clients to achieve their goals and unlock new growth opportunities.  

Managed Services | Rapyder Cloud Solutions

Explore Rapyder’s YouTube channel for an immersive understanding of how our Azure-managed services drive exceptional performance for your business infrastructure. Gain valuable insights into the entire process and stay informed about the latest trends. 

Experience our services across a diverse range of use cases, including system integrations, digital transformation, infrastructure management, modernization, and managed security. Rapyder is committed to delivering tailored solutions that align with your specific business needs, enabling you to thrive in the Azure cloud environment.  

Rapyder follows a four-stage approach to ensure success in your digital transformation journey: 

Using Amazon native tool to optimize database performance


We offer ongoing database cloud migration optimization services. Our experts continuously analyze data growth and emerging integration needs, allowing your business to keep pace with market dynamics and the competitive landscape. As your application and analytic use cases evolve, we adapt and optimize your database strategy to ensure it remains aligned with your evolving business requirements. 

Business impact of Database migration to the cloud


We meticulously map out a comprehensive range of data sources, schema inter-dependencies, and administrative requirements to ensure that the target architecture not only meets but exceeds performance expectations. This enables a seamless migration to the Azure cloud platform. 

Database cloud migration management


Our team provides robust database cloud migration management services. We take charge of building and running continuous monitoring, backup, recovery, and business continuity processes. Through informative dashboards, we ensure that your cloud migration progresses predictably and consistently, maintaining the highest level of data security and integrity. 

Database cloud migration optimization


Leveraging Azure’s native tools, we focus on optimizing your database performance during the migration process. This includes optimizing replication, schema structure, and other critical aspects to modernize your database as you migrate to the Azure public cloud platform. By utilizing these cloud-native tools, we ensure your database operates at its peak performance in the Azure environment. 

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Rapyder simplifies, accelerates, and automates your business in Azure. We drive innovation, provide expert consultation, enhance agility, and deliver a competitive edge. Our comprehensive services include real-time monitoring, automation, seamless onboarding, incident support, security audits, ticketing systems, database monitoring, and cost audits, enabling you to achieve your business objectives effectively. 

Rapyder is also a Microsoft Silver Partner with deep expertise in Azure platforms. With our expertise offerings Server Migration, Database Migration, DevOps and more, we help your business seamlessly migrate to the cloud with confidence and speed.