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Streamline Your Business with Azure’s Professional Cloud Migration Services at Your Fingertips 

Build organizational, technical, and operational capabilities by securely moving workloads to Azure Cloud with expert guidance and support. 

Why move to Cloud? 

As the need for adaptability and versatility increases, companies are shifting their traditional in-house IT systems and applications to the cloud, leveraging its multitude of benefits to enhance productivity and profitability. Cloud computing has become an integral part of virtually every organization, spanning across public, private, hybrid, and various other models. Furthermore, continuous advancements in technology lead to the ongoing development of novel applications in this domain. 

Why Azure for Cloud? 

Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, provides a comprehensive suite of flexible IT infrastructure services that align with your business requirements. With Azure, you gain the capability to provision computing power, storage, and various resources, empowering you to meet your organization’s specific needs. Rapyder excels in aiding you with the creation of a cloud migration plan, ensuring a seamless transition of your IT systems and applications to the Azure Cloud. This approach focuses on cost and effort reduction, enabling you to minimize capital expenses as well as support and administrative costs. With Azure, you can effectively address your business’s performance, security, and reliability prerequisites. 

Moving to Azure, made easy with Rapyder 

Our Azure Cloud Migration process includes a phase-driven, step-by-step strategy to migrate your IT systems and applications to the AWS Cloud. 

Phase 1: Cloud Migration Assessment 

Taking the first step 

The Migration Readiness Assessment is a crucial component of Rapyder’s Azure migration process, distinguishing it from competitors. This assessment delivers a thorough comprehension of which aspects can be successfully migrated to the Azure public cloud, while also evaluating the enterprise’s advancement in their cloud journey to date. It surpasses superficial analysis by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their current infrastructure, providing valuable guidance for a clearly defined path forward. 

By leveraging our deep understanding of Azure, we specialize in carefully examining the technical landscape of organizations during the cloud migration process. This meticulous evaluation empowers us to strategically plan, prepare, and flawlessly execute the migration, adhering to industry best practices. Through this assessment, Rapyder alleviates enterprises from the intricate complexities and obstacles typically encountered in the migration journey, allowing their teams to concentrate on vital areas and ensuring a seamless transition to the Azure cloud. 

At Rapyder, our cloud migration team establishes a strong collaboration with customers and cross-functional team leaders to ensure a seamless migration process. By closely working together, we align migration priorities with the specific needs of the organization, aiming to fulfill critical requirements effectively. Our team conducts a comprehensive assessment that delves into application requirements, dependencies, and existing pain points. Through this meticulous evaluation, our experts enable enterprises to fully capitalize on the advantages provided by Azure cloud services, ensuring a successful and optimized migration experience. 

What does the Migration Readiness Assessment monitor?  

The Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) is a comprehensive monitoring process that examines critical aspects relevant to Azure migration, offering valuable insights to enterprises. MRA concentrates on three essential areas, ensuring a thorough evaluation: 

  • Financial Analysis: MRA conducts an extensive financial analysis to ascertain the value of adopting the Azure cloud. It provides enterprises with a clear understanding of the total cost of migration and the potential savings associated with the transition. 
  • Application Readiness: MRA evaluates the preparedness of applications for migration to the Azure public cloud. Through careful analysis, it determines whether the applications will seamlessly function in the new cloud environment, guaranteeing a smooth transition devoid of disruptions. 
  • Business Stakeholders’ Perspective: Following the assessment, Rapyder presents a comprehensive perspective to business stakeholders, highlighting the value proposition, cost savings, and benefits of migrating to the Azure cloud. This perspective aligns with the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework, encompassing crucial areas such as Business, People, Governance, Operations, Platform, and Security. 

Aiming at these Azure-specific areas, the Migration Readiness Assessment empowers enterprises to gain insights into the financial implications, application readiness, and overall benefits associated with their migration to the Azure cloud. 

Phase 2: Mobilization 

Unlocking successful cloud migration with Azure expertise  

Undertaking a large-scale migration necessitates a pivotal phase known as “Mobilize,” which holds the key to a seamless transition in the Azure cloud environment. This phase equips businesses with a comprehensive plan, a well-prepared infrastructure, and invaluable experience essential for a successful migration journey. 

During the Mobilize Phase, our focus lies in establishing a robust foundation within your organization and the Azure cloud environment, utilizing the power of Azure Landing Zone. This advanced solution creates a resilient infrastructure and fosters a secure, automated ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency and strengthens the protection of your data. 

To ensure the flawless execution of your migration plan, we conduct meticulous Proof of Concept (POC) tests during this phase. Our team rigorously validates the effectiveness of the migration strategy, meticulously crafting procedures and documentation to achieve a successful outcome. By validating the migration plan through POC tests, we eliminate uncertainties, mitigate risks, and enhance your confidence in the upcoming migration journey. 

The mobilization approach includes a defined set of activities listed below

  • Detailed portfolio discovery 
  • Migration governance 
  • Security, risk, and compliance 
  • People skills, culture, change, and leadership 
  • Clear business case. 

The mobilization phase provides some crucial benefits to enterprises, such as: 

  • During this phase, enterprises enhance the skill set and competency of their IT staff to ensure they are well-equipped for the migration and organizational transformation.  
  • The mobilization phase allows enterprises to define and automate security, risk, and compliance policies, enabling them to incorporate operational controls seamlessly.  
  • Enterprises leverage the mobilization phase to establish their Cloud operating model, empowering them to confidently run applications at full production capacity. 

Phase 3: Migration and Operations  

Seamless Migration and Efficient Operations with Microsoft Azure 

After completing the mobilization phase, it is time to embark on the migration journey to the Azure Cloud. This pivotal phase requires the meticulous execution of your carefully crafted plans to ensure precision and success. During this process, your organization will transfer its data center capabilities and applications to the robust and powerful realm of Azure. 

Our experienced team recognizes the paramount importance of a seamless migration process, particularly for mission-critical projects that cannot tolerate extended periods of downtime. We adhere to industry-leading best practices and conduct comprehensive Well-Architected Reviews, guaranteeing a flawless enterprise application migration. Each workload is individually migrated and subjected to rigorous testing in the new Azure environment before progressing to the next, following an agile sprint-based approach. 

Once your applications have been successfully migrated, our support continues through our Managed Services offering. Our dedicated team is committed to maintaining the efficiency and performance of your workloads within the Azure environment. Whether it involves proactive monitoring, efficient troubleshooting, or optimizing your infrastructure, we possess the expertise and resources to ensure the smooth and secure operation of your operations. 

Are you ready to embark on a transformational cloud migration journey?  

Rapyder is here to empower your business with unmatched expertise and proven methodologies. We understand that a truly successful migration extends beyond the technical aspects and encompasses the nurturing of an agile and scalable delivery culture. 

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