Azure Cloud Database Migration Services

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Streamlining Database Selection and Implementation 

Unleash the Power of Diverse Data with Our Expert Database Services: Selection, Implementation, Migrations, and 24×7 Managed Support. 

AWS database migration service delivery

Cloud-based database migrations are commonly associated with prolonged time requirements and a high risk of failures. However, this perception is far from accurate. By leveraging Azure’s cutting-edge capabilities for Cloud Migration and Cloud Database Migration Services, Rapyder empowers you to migrate your databases and application stack seamlessly and expeditiously to the Azure public cloud. You now have the flexibility to migrate only the data of your application across various platforms and operating system versions, without undergoing a comprehensive migration process. This empowers you to concentrate your efforts on the essential aspects of your migration, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 

Implementation Service Offerings

Selecting the appropriate database from the array of options available can often be a perplexing task, leading to a cumbersome decision-making process. Rapyder simplifies this process by assisting organizations in identifying the most suitable databases within the realm of the Azure public cloud. 

Rapyder facilitates the seamless implementation of the chosen databases provided by the Azure cloud. Our expertise lies in enabling customers to embrace the capabilities of public cloud platforms effectively and efficiently. By leveraging cloud offerings, traditional relational databases (RDBMS) can operate with minimal database administration efforts. 

Rapyder guides customers through a series of comprehensive exercises and creates a decision matrix, empowering them to make informed and prompt choices when it comes to selecting the right database. Once a decision has been made, we delve into the implementation phase, considering crucial factors such as security, segregation, encryption, and other configurations that align with your specific requirements. 

24×7 Managed Services

Rapyder goes above and beyond mere implementation. Our commitment to your success is exemplified through our 24/7 managed services offerings. We understand the importance of uninterrupted performance and fortified security for your databases. That’s why our dedicated team is always at your service, ready to swiftly address any issues, diligently monitor database activity, execute regular backups, and implement essential configurations, such as robust security measures, reliable data encryption, and efficient separations. 

With Azure’s managed services, you can confidently prioritize your critical needs, knowing that your databases are meticulously always maintained and operating flawlessly. Our unwavering support ensures that your business can thrive without interruption. 

Don’t hesitate to partner with us and unlock the full potential of our comprehensive database solutions, seamlessly integrated with our round-the-clock Azure Managed Services. Together, we can propel your business forward with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind. 

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  • Continuous monitoring health 
  • Assuring DR and BCP needs 
  • Keeping your database performing 
  • Keeping your audit ready 
  • Ensuring availability and many more 
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Rapyder’s Azure Database Migration Service Offerings 

Azure’s Database Migration Service, delivered by our certified Cloud engineers, offers a streamlined and cost-effective solution for seamlessly transferring your data to the public cloud data platform. Our expertise in lift-and-shift database migrations ensures a swift and efficient process, with zero downtime. Regardless of whether you’re running Online Transaction Processing or Data Warehouse workloads, our team is well-versed in the intricacies of migrating databases and seamlessly moving data using the power of DMS. 

Some of the scenarios we support are:

DBMS optimization

Optimize DBMS TCO, utilization and
capacity management

 Data integration across all applications & partner services

Integrate data across all your
applications and partner services

From DBA support to managed DB

From DBA support to
managed DB

Database Migration Services

Source Platforms

Database migration services source platforms

Destination Platforms

Database migration services Destination platforms

How Does Database Migration Work?

Azure’s approach to database migration encompasses several essential steps, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the cloud: 

Cloud Access Security


Conduct a thorough evaluation of the business implications of migrating to Azure, considering operational costs, scalability, total cost of ownership (TCO), and the impact on dependent applications. This assessment helps determine the viability and advantages of migration across various scenarios, including homogeneous, heterogeneous, or consolidation approaches. 

Database migration admin requirements


Chart out data sources, identify interdependencies within schemas, and understand administrative requirements. This step ensures that the target architecture aligns with performance expectations and facilitates a seamless migration process. 

database migration service offerings: DBA support to managed DB


Utilize Azure’s native tools to optimize database performance, replication, and schema structure. This involves enhancing and modernizing the database during migration, leveraging the full range of Azure’s features and capabilities. 

Migration of legacy infrastructure to AWS


Set up and execute a seamless transition from the original data sources to the Azure cloud environment, without any downtime. This encompasses data replication, full load, and validation to ensure data integrity throughout the migration journey.

Database cloud migration management


Establish and uphold continuous monitoring, backup, recovery, and business continuity processes. Implement intuitive dashboards and monitoring systems to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes, while safeguarding data availability and security. 

Using Amazon native tool to optimize database performance


Continuously analyze data growth and identify evolving integration requirements. Stay in sync with market and competitive demands as application and analytic use cases evolve. This step guarantees that migrated databases and applications remain optimized and aligned with ongoing business objectives.