Application Modernization: An Essential Step Towards Digital Transformation

Application Modernization: An Essential Step Towards Digital Transformation
February 8, 2023

What is Application Modernization and Why it is Important?

The process of modernizing outdated software for newer computer paradigms, such as newer programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms, is known as application modernization.

Application modernization services helps a company to safeguard its financial commitments and update its software portfolio to benefit from modern infrastructure, tools, languages, and other technological advancements. An enterprise’s entire digital transformation strategy typically includes an application modernization plan as a component.

Re-architecting outdated apps into cloud-native ones is made easier by cloud modernization for businesses. This makes it possible to take advantage of cloud benefits including a quicker time to market, scalability, agility, and cheaper costs.

Some of the reasons why app modernization is gaining importance are:

  • It saves cost on infrastructure by 15-35% annually.
  • Reduces application operation and maintenance expenses by 30–50%,
  • Reduces application operation and maintenance expenses by 30–50%,
  • Organizations can spend 74% less money on staff, equipment, and software,
  • Businesses can achieve 10% increase in the effectiveness of their application’s operations,
  • Some major enterprises can save 1 billion USD more in their annual income, or 14% more on average.

Fact check: By 2023, 65% of firms will spend heavily in new technology platforms and actively improve legacy systems.

– TechRepublic

What value does App Modernization add to a business?

The ability of businesses to develop and stand out from the competitors in the developing environment depends critically on the modernization of legacy applications. As business and IT activities become more automated, upgrading your apps is essential for moving your firm forward.

By upgrading business procedures, lowering maintenance costs, and improving data accessibility, app modernization enables enterprises to accelerate innovation and go to market more quickly.

One of the key components of application modernization services is the migration of outdated platforms or applications to new ones, as well as the integration of new functionality to meet the most recent business needs.

Here are a few values that App Modernization can add to the business:

  • Cost-cutting: By cutting back on capital expenditures, you can switch them out for an operating expense that is easier to control and more scalable.
  • Employee Productivity: Modernized apps provide your staff members greater features and functionality, improved team utilisation, and fewer application incidents.
  • Customer Experience: Modernized apps assist enhance customer experience by providing new services and processes with a more user-friendly user interface, just like with your workers.
  • Increased Revenue Streams: Upgrading your system gives you the ability to offer consumers new services and procedures that are valuable additions and produce additional income.

Why is app modernization considered crucial for digital transformation?

Applications that have been modernized, consolidated, and simplified gain a number of definite advantages. The reduction of infrastructure and software costs, as well as security upgrades and functionalities like operational availability and business agility, are a few of these. To accomplish these benefits, a new solution must be designed and put into practice while selecting the best tool for each situation, which may include cloud migration, micro-services, architectures without a server, and integration based on APIs and/or events.

Modernization is now a need. Enterprises will confront several difficulties and dangers without digitization. Unfavourable brand perception, market share loss, exposure to rivalry, and the difficulty to recruit top personnel are a few of these dangers.

Application modernization must be a fundamental component of the guiding strategy for digital transformation if it is to be successful. Modernizing an app entails more than simply general enhancement. It primarily refers to putting infrastructure and processes in place to evaluate and optimise your application mix for measurable business consequences. It also entails changing the mindsets and competencies of your business to capitalise on cutting-edge technologies.

Rapyder’s Role

Rapyder, a born-in-the-cloud consulting firm, operates with a clear mission to assist businesses in achieving their objectives by utilising the best and most recent technology.

Experts from the Rapyder team assist businesses in rapidly and painlessly converting their legacy infrastructure to the public cloud, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge in the market. We have been a leader in the field of digital transformation services and has assisted numerous companies in upgrading their technological foundation with ease.

We as a cloud consulting partner offer knowledge, tools, modernization patterns, and blueprints tailored to your particular sector, that can speed up your change.


Numerous businesses’ operations still depend heavily on legacy applications. However, the vast majority of them do not correspond to the most cutting-edge technologies. Solutions for digital transformation and associated technologies are an example of this being especially true.

To compete in this industrial landscape that is evolving so quickly, businesses must update their outdated systems.

Get in touch with Rapyder to know more about how app modernization can help increase the use of your existing apps and minimize your maintenance costs.

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