App and Infrastructure Modernization services banner image
App and Infrastructure Modernization services banner image

Are you that one person who is in charge of a legacy FSI app that struggles with modernizing and adapting to new platforms? Let’s see some stats.

According to Gartner, “The worldwide enterprise IT spending across all industry markets will increase by 4.1% in constant U.S. dollars in 2021 and is expected to have a 6.0% constant currency five-year CAGR in 2020-2025.” And the most common challenges that faced will be

  • Building agile, reliable and scalable solutions
  • High complexity development
  • Acquiring skilled labour and QoS
  • Security, compliance and cost challenges
  • Infrastructure and application modernization

The answer to your solution is a low-code application development platform. The most highlighted advantage of any low-code application platform such as Gramex, Mendix, Appian etc., is the versatility it brings in creating DevOps enabled modernized solutions and allowing multi-cloud operations to be streamlined faster. These advanced cloud services are highly desirable as it bridges the gap between the technical and business needs.

As more and more applications are modernized and being moved to the cloud, they have started to seek more vantage points, including AI, blockchain, data analytics, mobile, Internet of things (IoT) services, to name a few. The transformation brought a new era where coding experts can leverage more control over cloud-native applications with much lesser effort ( Low Ops). 

For example, Mendix, a popular choice among low-code application development platforms, reduces the manual coding required for complex applications by using new digital strategies to achieve a faster go-to-market system by leveraging Rapyder’s cloud services while having a simple user environment.

Customers who use our cloud services for low code development are known to benefit from:

  • A much faster go-to-market system compared to traditional methods.
  • Availability of specialized platforms supporting low-code app building
  • High agility, availability and scalable one-click cloud deployments
  • Increased synergy across business and technical teams with centralized management
  • Secure and cost-effective deliveries.

Contact us with your choice of legacy app and Low code platform (aPaaS) to get started. We will present you the variety of options that unleash the flexibility to provision app-building tools, associated cloud services and cloud instances under a single roof.

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