7 Must Have AWS Security Services For Your AWS Infrastructure

Written by – Manish Juneja

Cloud Security refers to protecting cloud resources and facilities stored over the internet from various data breaches, cyber-attacks, ransomware attacks, DDoS attacks, Etc.

Cloud Adoption is still a whole new concept for many businesses leads and entrepreneurs, so whenever any customer or lead is up with a plan for a cloud transformation, IT security is found to be their primary concern.   

This blog discusses the 7 most notable AWS security services for your business environment  

What are Cloud Security Services?  

Cloud Security Services are like facilities that shield your business infrastructure’s privacy. Many cloud security providers offer services to safeguard your business’s essential data and information.

With cloud migration, there also come some uninvited security threats; Cloud security services are created to target business architecture’s basic and advanced security requirements.

7 AWS security services that suit your AWS infrastructure 

Let’s have a brief insight into the 7 best options in AWS security services;
1. AWS Shield: AWS Shield is a managed DDoS protection service that fences the applications running in the AWS environment. AWS Shield serves always-on detection and automates inline mitigations that reduce application downtime and latency, so there is no requirement to engage AWS Support to benefit from DDoS protection.

The two layers of AWS Shield are Standard and Advanced. This service can be a great addition to the business infrastructure at no additional charge.

2. CloudWatch: CloudWatch is an AWS service designed for DevOps engineers, developers, IT professionals, and managers that help monitor and observe.

CloudWatch functions to detect anomalous behaviour in the work environment, set alarms, visualize logs and metrics side by side, proceed with automated actions, troubleshoot bugs, and acknowledge insights to keep applications running smoothly.

3. GuardDuty: AWS GuardDuty is another Amazon service that detects threats and monitors any unethical activity happening on-premise.

GuardDuty can analyze tens of billions of events across multiple AWS data sources, such as AWS CloudTrail event logs, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Logs, and DNS query logs. Amazon GuardDuty also controls built-in detection techniques developed and optimized for the Cloud.

4. AWS IAM: Identity and access management has always been a great help to businesses in tackling unauthorized access and control. With AIM, one can specify who can access resources, applications, and services. In simple terms, it applies for fine-grained permission to AWS services and solutions.  

Who (workforce users with AWS SSO and workloads with IAM) can access (permits with IAM policies) what (resources within the AWS environment)? It is like a super shield that prevents hacking, data stealing, and data breaching.

5. Amazon Inspector: Amazon Inspector is another AWS product, an automatic security assessment service that helps maintain security and compliance rates for AWS applications.

Amazon Inspector automatically controls applications for exposures, vulnerabilities, and deviations from best practices. It also provides a detailed summary of security findings after the assessment. Thus, it helps develop agility, enforce security standards, identify application security issues, and integrate security into DevOps.

6. AWS WAF: WAF is a firewall designed for web applications that helps protect applications from various threats configured on the web. It prevents APIs from web exploits that affect availability, compromises security, or consume excessive resources.

AWS WAF provides you access to how traffic identifies your applications by enabling you to create security rules that control bot traffic and restrict common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.

AWS WAF involves a full-featured API, can be utilized to automate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of security rules.

7. AWS Posture Assessment: The security posture assessment is essential if the priority is business infrastructure security. AWS built a new open-source Self-Service Security Assessment (with ransomware analysis modules) tool that avails customers with a point-in-time assessment to immediately gain valuable insights into the security posture of their AWS account.

The tool helps identify essential security controls directly impacting the ability to protect against ransomware. Using this, customers can assess their AWS infrastructure’s posture and generate accessible reports.

Other security-related trends such as VAPT, FIDO, Two Factor, or Multifactor Authentication are also considered under best practices to secure the business environment. As a result, these trends have gained wide acceptance within the cloud market.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of cloud security services; 

What benefits of Security service, and why is it necessary?  

Cloud security on a larger scale involves many parameters, and these parameters claim to fix various security issues.

Some of the parameters are:

  1. User Authentication
  2. Access Control
  3. Database Security
  4. Network Security
  5. Application Security
  6. User Security
  7. Customer Security
  8. Infrastructure Security
  9. Cyber Security
  10. Threat Detection
  11. Threat Prevention
  12. Malware Protection
  13. Disaster Recovery
  14. Data Backup

What else do Cloud security services provide? 

Data encryption and loss prevention sounds cliche whenever we talk of cloud security services, but apart from these two, Cloud security services also provide many other plus points such as;

Availability; in terms of constant and continuous application support with 24×7 monitoring for the company infrastructure.

Flexibility; in terms of handling security during server crashes and disaster occurrences. Backup is a strong basis that also removes the vulnerability of data loss. It also functions when the company is scaling downtime capacity.

Visibility; supervising risk involvement and management of infrastructure from the company\’s point of view. The all-time monitoring also allows the company to watch how the cloud mitigates security concerns.

DDoS Prevention is something that has become the requirement of recent times. Distributed denial of service attacks has increased as per technological advancement on the wrong side. Cloud security services are designed to minimize the risk of a DDoS attack.

The best thing about operating in the cloud is, all the cloud services and solutions follow Pay as You Go, which does not cost more, and you are only required to pay for what you used.

Cloud Managed Security Services has also stood to the Cloud compliance rate that customers and companies expect after adopting Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud services have proven to retain their credibility in the market so far.

CDN has also made life easy by providing a secure content-delivery network. It also enhances site speed and website performance, lowers network latency and is cost-saving due to low bandwidth.

How Rapyder helps you with Security Services? 

Rapyder cloud solutions bring you the latest and updated AWS cloud security solutions to strengthen the security system of your business infrastructure.

We help you achieve all cloud security standards with best-in-class cloud services and offers that fulfil your demands for Network SecurityData SecurityCloud access Security, IAM and adhere to compliance rates with a safe AWS environment.

Rapyder also assists your business administration with 24×7 monitoring and support.


This blog can help you search for the best AWS security services you can choose for your AWS infrastructure. We have tried to give you a complete glimpse of the Cloud security service playoff role.

We hope you found this helpful information; kindly share it with your social circle and help them know more about it. Visit our website to get more AWS Security Insights.


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