Top 5 Benefits of Using AWS Workspace & Pinpoint

April 25, 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Using AWS Workspace & Pinpoint

What is Workspace?

A Cloud Workspaces is a centralized, secure virtual desktop that allow teams to share content and tools together. This workspace on cloud works smoothly by bringing together a team’s tools files into a single, secure, and managed solution.

WorkSpaces have been created to make work life easier for office goers, who used to find a hard time storing and backing up hours of work in a single device. A smart WorkSpace can easily accommodate thousands of workers globally, without any hindrance in their work, while they can access their work from any device, anywhere, and at any given point of time.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud desktop service that is wholly managed and a secured platform. Amazon WorkSpaces can be provisioned in desktops within a few minutes and scale quickly to serve thousands of workers with desktops across the globe.

When one opts for WorkSpace services, there needs to be a payment made to continue receiving the services. It can be paid monthly or hourly, only for the WorkSpaces they launch. This mode of paying helps save money compared to traditional desktops and on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

What is Pinpoint?

Amazon Pinpoint is a marketing communication service that can engage customers and keep them in a constant loop over multiple messaging channels. The Pinpoint service can be used to send push notifications, in-app notifications, emails, text messages, SMS, voice messages, and messages across channels.

Pinpoint comes with segmentation that helps identify the exact audience and target messages accordingly. It enables to send the correct message to the correct customer over the correct channel.

Pinpoint lets you personalize messages for your targeted audience, sending across the right message and incorporating the right content. Delivery and campaign metrics in Amazon Pinpoint measure the success of your communications. Amazon Pinpoint can grow with you and scales globally to billions of messages per day across channels. Pinpoint has a lot to offer, such as audience segmentation, personalizing messages, and analytics of the communications exchanged.

How do they work?

WorkSpace works as a replacement to a traditional desktop and comes in the form of a cloud-based virtual desktop. It allows users to perform day-to-day tasks by providing abundant storage space, software applications, operating systems just how one would feel operating on a traditional desktop. A desktop computing service fully managed in the cloud allows end-users to have cloud-based desktops.

Amazon Pinpoint works as audience management. Third-party data lists are sent to Pinpoint, where it first creates a segment based on real-time data attributes collected from the data collected.

Creating, scheduling, and sending campaigns to segmented audiences is carried out, followed by personalized or generic messages, again to a specific audience. These messages campaigns are sent to the targeted audience via SMS, emails, voice, push notifications. Pinpoint automates the whole process to improve customer satisfaction reduce and manage workload.

Benefits of Workspace

1. Work Continuity– With the advancement of technology and cloud, WorkSpaces have made work life easier for tonnes of people worldwide. One can pick up work from exactly where they left back at the office, without fear of losing data or losing work. Travel and work, a new way of living for most of us, and that is exactly what WorkSpace helps with. The workspace on the cloud makes it convenient to work anytime and anywhere with an active internet connection.

2. Security – WorkSpace is secured with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This protects users from data loss and is encrypted with volumes of storage capacity in the Cloud. In this scenario, since there is no data stored in local devices, sensitive information is safe with enterprise-level encryption irrespective of access points. This proves and supports that information and data accessed from anywhere, be it a free Wi-Fi access point or from the company, data stored in Cloud is safe.

3. Manageability – For all the users, managing a desktop or workspace centrally is very easy for IT teams to manage. They are centrally connected through a server to moderate or manage, deploy any patch, update or remove the application. Managing desktop resources is as easy as it can get now.

The IT department is capable of modifying the space with additional power or capacity as the demand arises. The ground reality of WorkSpaces is it has eradicated the worry and tensions of wondering how many desktops would be required and needed to be configured. It has added as a great advantage.

4. Availability of multiple OS – The maximum benefit of deploying multiple operating systems without any licensing hassles is one of the best from WorkSpace.
WorkSpaces can be created with Windows 10, Windows 7, or Amazon Linux 2 operating systems with licenses covered by users. A total of 16% from saving up the license costs can be drawn. Users can select from several application bundles for their respective WorkSpace without worrying about being license-complaint.

5. Largely Reduced Cost – WorkSpace users are prone to buying less hardware and software and spend less to deploy, maintain, and upgrade them. This largely reduces the cost, as the device one works on, need not have any specific compute or storage capacity. Due to working on a shared server, one does not need to worry about specifications and can work on any basic device, eliminating a huge cost cut for the company.

Benefits of Pinpoint

1. Right segmentation for the target audience– A segment audience is set, and the messages reach the right audience with the help of audience segmentation. A segment is built-up, which helps in classifying which users receive the messages sent from a certain campaign. One needs to segment their audience for the right group of customers based on existing customer lists attributes. Messages can be personalized in Pinpoint to create an engaging and delightful communication exchange with the right message content.

2. Campaign Management – With Pinpoint, creating messaging campaigns to keep the audience engaged is an easy tactic. Defining and designing the marketing program, planning a campaign, and executing it, comes easy with Pinpoint.
For instance, you can create campaigns that could send push notifications, emails, SMS text messages, and voice messages. Various features in a campaign can be incorporated while creating a marketing program, and messages can be sent out across channels.

3. Readymade templates for marketing – Provisioning readymade templates to send emails to customers across a wide range by minimal customization is something that comes in handy with Pinpoint. One does not need to invest a lot of their time and creativity into building and thinking templates.

4. Analytical in nature – With the help and use of Pinpoint analytics, one can gain insights into their audience interaction and the effectiveness of the campaigns and messaging activities spread out in a vast range. Viewing different trends such as users’ level of engagement, purchase activity, demographics, etc., and studying the behavioural statics helps improve campaigns.

By properly understanding the customers’ approach can one design and develop ideas for applications. Identification and addressing issues that could affect the delivery of messages is also an added feature.

5. Flexibility – Pinpoint is flexible for everyone, be it for a marketer or a developer; this is one of its biggest advantages. It is flexible for personal as well as bulk marketing; transactional as well as communicative messaging.

While Pinpoint can serve many interests, marketers can use the console to design, coordinate, and run marketing campaigns for existing and potential customers. On the other hand, developers can use the APIs to send and schedule the messages designed by marketers, schedule campaigns, or track activities.

How does Rapyder help implementing these services?

At Rapyder, we can help you power up your WorkSpaces. We provide a fully managed, persistent desktop virtualization service that enables the users to access data, applications, and resources they need from anywhere, anytime, by any supported device. It eliminates the need to over-buy desktop and laptop resources and save on huge costs. Without any overload, the infrastructure is up and running and delivers a 99.9% uptime.

We at Rapyder, can help businesses solve the issue of adopting EUC by providing our expertise and end-to-end management services. With us on board with your company, we can take care of the background and work on transforming operational methods while you can take care of your revenue.

In the field of AWS Pinpoint, Rapyder has executed multiple projects. We are capable of designing and setting up Pinpoint platform and smoothly handling a marketing campaign. We work with customers and understand their requirements, and before implementation, a roadmap with clear value proposition is prepared for them.

Rapyder’s Pinpoint Solution provides a simple and quick integration for a faster go-to-market time, tracking all communications to analyze properly and correct campaigns, keeping track of metrics, focuses on delivering analytics that helps develop better customer-centric engagement experiences across messaging channels.


WorkSpace helps employee satisfaction, while Pinpoint gets your message to your targeted audience. Knowing both benefits quite well, it is a wise decision not to rob your business of these valuable services.

Reduce cash spend and avail these services by contacting us!

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