Culture & Values: The Unique Pillars of Rapyder

What are the building blocks of the highest-performing organizations? Clever strategy? Superior Product? Great service? Better people? Or, the long clientele?

It may be a combination of all of the above. But any organization fades away with time if not built atop something more fundamental and concrete. Something that is not just a competitive advantage but also allows associated people to sustain and grow over time.

This feat can be achieved only through the company’s culture and values. Company culture and values are how you do what you do in the workplace. A set of beliefs and behaviors that determine how everyone interacts within and outside the company is essential for the organization to thrive and reach new heights daily.

As a global AWS consulting partner, providing cloud consulting, implementation, and managed services to enterprises, SMBs, and Startups, We at Rapyder live by our cultural system as they guide how we work with our business partners, within our network, and with each other.

Predominantly, our company culture promotes people. It is a place where people can thrive, flourish, and achieve their dreams of attaining the goals of having a dream career.

Let’s take a look at what makes Rapyder the chosen workplace for thousands of our people:

1. Employee-friendly environment

We practice what we preach. Our people-first attitude can be witnessed in our employee management policies. Respect, open-door policy, open communication, active listening, a connection beyond work, a positive attitude, and empathy are the building blocks of our employment policies, and our people success team ensures their implementation across the organization.

2. Customer-first approach

We believe in surpassing customer expectations and strive to deliver a stellar customer experience at each stage. Since its inception, we have focused on providing the best customer service possible. We know that we are here because of our customers and ultimately cater to their needs. Serving our users in the best possible manner is our internal goal and foundation on which we have built Rapyder’s work culture and values.

3. Agile-work culture

Our agile work culture allows us to bring everyone together, including people, processes, connectivity, technology, time, and place, to create the most appropriate and effective working method. We work within the guidelines but know no boundaries. It has allowed us to provide a flexible work environment, increase response time, better distribution of responsibilities, and minimal formalities/rules.

4. Regular training sessions

Constant upskilling (personal and professional) of our employees and strengthening their skills is the aim of our training sessions. It helps us improve employee performance, job satisfaction, and organizational performance. Creating a team equipped to support each other as needed and work independently without constant help or supervision is the goal of Rapyder employee training sessions.

5. Employee growth opportunities

Our goal is to provide our members with tremendous growth opportunities that can help them personally and professionally. We promote our employee’s interests by providing upskilling sessions, coaching and mentorship, assignments, and inter-team collaboration. Our members define their career paths in the organization. We also have a continuous feedback mechanism that allows us to stay in sync with the career needs of our employees and facilitate things required for each employee’s growth.

6. Good HR policy

HR is the backbone of any organization. This team is the most integral part that paves the way for the organization’s future since this team largely contributes to what kind of workforce is chosen to carry on the legacy of Rapyder. They also imbibe the much-needed Rapyder values, vision, and success and are the candle bearers of Rapyder. We measure the success of our HR policies with the satisfaction rate of our employees & customers. Our customer-first approach and employee-friendly policies have strengthened our capabilities and growth.

7. Transparency

An honest, transparent work culture encourages innovation. We serve to create an environment where employees feel valued & supported and are not afraid to share their ideas or embark on a conversation. We invite honest feedback, ensure consistent communication, and check for our employee’s mental and physical well-being. Our Glassdoor policy is much talked about and has set a benchmark in the industry on how employees must be treated at the workplace and how Rapyder promotes a healthy, thriving work environment with its open-door policy.

8. Great leadership

A great leader is made up of clear vision, courage, integrity, honesty, humility, and clear focus. Our leaders help our members achieve their goals and hire people who can help us attain our goals better and faster. Because of their vision, we at Rapyder have achieved our goals in such a short time and made a lasting impression the first time.

9. Clear future vision

A clear, futuristic vision is the building block of what we do presently. A clear pathway to our goals defined by our leadership has enabled our team to attain even the impossible. We follow a combined and strategic approach to attain our yearly goals from day one.

The best part about a company’s culture is that it is a work in process and is constantly evolving. But what remains unchanged are the core values upon which the company is built. We take great pride in our value system that encourages innovation, positivity, growth, and honesty within our members and peers.

If you wish to join our ever-evolving team at Rapyder, visit our careers page and drop us an email. We would love to get in touch with you!


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